Chuffed to be here?

Hood Town has cropped up in the top ten most cheerful places… how true that is but how come we ain’t in the top five eh? i should have had a vote i reckon! mind you we would be happy eh our drugs culture is thriving despite another factory closing down. We are all too stoned to be misarable.

Oh and speaking of of our neighbours was burning some shite yesterday and made all my washing stink to fuck..cheers for the concideration…Again..these day there is no need to busn ya rubbish..recycle it’s the done thing…oh well back in the washing machine again eh? we had a lovely community a couple of years back and now it’s like living in a fucking war zone.

I am off up the shops for a gloat..Have a good one !

Back from shopping with more good news..according to my bod on the inside, Morrison’s are taking the bingo hall as well as the Co-Op..made my day that did..just when i thought it could not get any better…get in there!

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2 Responses to “Chuffed to be here?”

  1. Auntie Jax Says:

    Yeah, may as well enjoy the misery right?? And make it positive. Funny how you report alot of violent happenings but it is still a cheerful place. I would love to see it one day even if just for the Robin Hood lore… I love that! 🙂

    Also seems like you guys always have fun no matter what, so I need to learn that… Might as well enjoy this life, it’s all we got right??

    I’m Well Chuffed Too Then!!!

    Dinners was telling me about his seeing the Pistols… I’m jealous!! Said it was a blast.

  2. barnze Says:

    Pistols good..clash better i reckon..I saw some brill gigs from them..
    Here in Hood Town we enjoy life and you are right i do report the shite but its good to catch up on the justice unall..

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