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August 14, 2008

I bust a tooth early last week..It got infected and i just struggled through a working week of pain..proper pain but ya can’t do enough for a good boss i say! Off to the dentists now….Got antibiotics now so this swelling and pain will soon be gone..Talking about doing the extra 10% for a good boss , i put in many an extra 10 for my old boss and he still stabbed me in the back..Through fear i reckon!

Keeping the axe on the grindstone!

Fantastic news just in…

August 8, 2008

My insider has just leaked that morrisons will be taking the Co-Op on the 25th of September..Now that is great for me cuz they are my preferred retailer..Mind you the staff keep their jobs so i hope the hide behind the fag counter crew get a rocket up their arses…

The country life for me.

August 8, 2008

Another grey damp morning…Mind you i am off out with the lovely Mrs B tonight for a few beers to celebrate a couple of folks birthdays so my spirits are up and only the day shifts to do before we are off for some easy listening and a night in Gainsborough..Oh and plans for another jaunt somewhere..A bit of countryside would be nice so i am gunna be looking up a few places to visit, Ya can’t beat a few days amoung the trees to chill out i reckon. Bakewell or Buxton look nice..A bit of walking to free the soul & the Peaks seem to do it for me!

I have notice i have another avid reader who is spending hours reading this load of shite..odd how my crap can suck folks in. Mind you one of my favorite visitors is still the backstabber..He pops in 6 or 7 times a day hanging on my every word! Loser!

Anyroad i am off to look at a few country retreats, Have a good one you lot,what with the weekend coming up and all that..Mind ya backs out there!

On the town.

August 6, 2008

Off into Hood Town with young master B today..i need a phone unlocking and i fancy a look around Cex for a bargain or two. Might even grab a pint while we are at it..Life is good.

We recieved the menu for the Sands yesterday,I reckon i will have the 12 garlic chicken..i love garlic me. We are well looking forward to a great night out. Then only a few week untill we jet off to sunnier climes..Nice.

Anyroad i’m of into town,have a good one most of you.The old boss can lick my ring.

last un. Cheers team.

August 4, 2008

What a shift last the gaffer was having a few glasses of wine with his young lady (On a well deserved break) i was charge.Ahh the power..Anyroad we were down two only two bods on the shop floor untill midnight when the work was backlogging. a bit of phoning around by me gets us an extra pair of hands..nice.. the team mopped up the backlog and had time for a cool drink and a fag in the gardens before knock off. Being the gaffer was ok but give me the hands on work anyday!

Dave the belt is off tonight,the gaffer is back after his weekend off leaving me n Douggie on the shop probs as we work well under pressure..mind you that’s not saying we will won’t be happy to see 7 am come around quick i can tell ya.

Time for me to get sorted for tonight’s shift so i am off ,Enjoy ya working week you lot. I gunna be doing bugger all for a few days.

Barnze say’s ” Cheers for dropping in Pete.” It made my day,


Shurla Burla.

August 3, 2008

Well the working week has been 50/50 so far a nice steady one then a bit of a mad one..And with 2 shifts to go  reckon we all will be ready for a day or two off, Swings and fucking roundabouts!

Mind you it’s ok for some, as my mate Douggie is off to Blackpool with his family at the end of this set of shifts, Shame it’s gunna piss it down all next week though cuz he will be trapped in the pub all day. Never been to struck with Blackpool myself and i hear that it’s all pole dancers and strip joints now!! Not quite the seaside place it was.

Anyroad i am off to spend a couple of hours quality time with the lovely Mrs B..enjoy the rest of the weekend you lot!

A mountain stream of freshness. yeah right!

August 1, 2008

We are drinking the top tap water in the country here in Hood Town acording to a recent survey..odd that seeing as we belch millions of gallons into the ground due to leaks! Mind you i have never paid for bottled water so no change there then..i do think tap water much like milk tasted better a few years back..or is that just me?

The start of four night shifts tonight and i am well up for it..i don;t mind the weekend work over the night shifts as the time zooms by and before you know it it the days off again..we tend to be busy so the shifts go by in a flash.And the next stint of night shifts i am off with an overnight-er in Gainsborough and a bit of lounge music lobbed in..Aint life brill?

Anyroad stuff to do and people to see today so i am off..Have a good weekend and take care.

Barnze say’s “Have the weekend off you obsessive twat” To my special friend!