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Blast from the past.

September 27, 2008

Not a bad start to the working week and now on day two things are rolling along at a steady pace, Mind you the thought of our gaffer sunning his arse in Malta sticks in my craw…Lucky bastard!

Douggie was ill yesterday but we blundered through,Today he is back but not at 100%, But he made it in and that’s what counts, I bumped into an old work colleague Bob Hill yesterday..He still has a face like a weasel licking piss off a nettle but i enjoyed a bit of a catch up with him.

Anyroad it’s time for a brew then back to the grind..Have a good weekend you lot.

A bump in the night.

September 23, 2008

Ooooooo ghouls n ghosties here in Clifton as some nutter reckons he has been driven out of his house by demons. What the fuck is wrong with folks eh..if such things existed we would be jam packed with ghosts.. Offer me the place for bugger all and i would snap it up but at nearly 4 mill you can keep it.. i reckon the place is brilliant..The lovely Mrs B went to school there  and i must say i have spent many an hour in the grounds..i suppose it is a bit of publicity to drum up interest in the sale of the hall. If i had the cash i would be in there! But i ain’t got the ghost of a chance.

Barnze say’s “I want to believe! “

Is it Bowling time yet????

September 21, 2008

Calling the Go-lightlys….Is it time for a night out again or what?

Perhaps i can get Dave the Belt over for the next night on the lanes.. See some of you on the canalside in Oct…

Down hill from here.

September 20, 2008

Well on top of the work here at the factory and with the gaffer at home packing his case, I am in the driving seat steering full steam ahead with only one more shift to do..

Mrs B is looking into the winter hol destinations this week…another week in the sun please. Oh and some nice local beer and good food just to make it work well.

Anyroad i gotta get back to the grindstone..have a good un.

Last shift tonight and i hope it goes as well as last nights..I am ready for a pint and some feet up time i can tell ya !

Alas poor Robin. Take a bow!

September 18, 2008

Some bastard has nicked half of the bow from the Robin Hood statue up at the castle.Why the fuck would ya want to distory that ? I rackon a bit of cctv up there is a must. the time i have been up there and the arrow is missing pisses me right off. Get a fucking grip!

Back to the factory tonight for the start of four night shifts, And with our gaffer only working two of um it will leave me in charge so i am hoping that we get a good crew on, i must say i ain’t missed the place over the last twenty odd day that i have been off so i gotta get myself back in the zone . Roll on the next holiday is what i say!

I passed to Co-Op building today and it was good to see it closed and work ongoing for the refit.Goodbye and good riddance to it..

I am off to polish my boots..Have a good one and enjoy the weekend you lucky folks who ain’t working it.

In and out like Ronnie Biggs.

September 16, 2008

Just back from the dentists..Good bloke my man knowing that i don’t like the place i was in and out in 10 minutes minus a tooth and plus a numb face… All for under 50 quid…Mmmm i could think of a lot more i could do with that 50!

The above image was knicked from me mate Pinksy’s site, Kind of gives me one of those evil genius smiles to look at it as i never supported um and the crew in there hated me for it.. Fuck um. The rest of the shops here are making a packet at the moment as i hear the new Morrisons will not be trading until mid November, Not that it will bother us cuz we do our monthly shopping online and only use the local shops for fresh stuff, veg, fruit etc but i reckon that will change once Mozzers is up and running, A customer gain for them and a bonus for us as i do like to shop rather than key in my order. Bring it on.

As i am missing a tooth i shall be munching on a few wild mushrooms in a broth tonight while the rest of the crew enjoy some jerk chicken..I might be able to force a bit of it down me if i am lucky..i love jerk chicken me.

Anyroad the numbness in my face is easing off so i am off to take a couple of pain killers to ease the pain and nip on the settee for a bit of a nod. Have a good one you lot and take care out there. Oh i i managed to bowl a tomato at that filthy black cat today,I only wish i had a brick at hand. Meee Owwwww! I hope our resident squirrel has its fucking eyes out.

Coma or Sleep?

September 15, 2008

I tell ya what no matter how good ya hols are it’s allus good to get in ya own bed..i slept like a log last night..Mind you i got to bed late after watching Schindler’s List again,A cracking film i reckon. Anyroad if it weren’t for the dustbin men waking me up at just gone 8 i would have slept till dinner time.

I hear that the old Co-Op will be closed for about a month for fitting out and by the looks on the faces of staff in other shops they are making it pay while they can, I reckon there ain’t one person that’s gunna miss the old dump.. Mind you it would be good to see the old bingo place as a pile of rubble..I can only wish!

Back to the factory on Thursday night and i am hoping that Douggie is well enough to get back to work by then, The poor fucker has a trapped sciatic nerve and i know how that feels.. But as i shall be gaffer i need him to be fit n well.

Anyroad i am off to prep for tonight’s meal..Have a good one and mind ya backs..


September 13, 2008
The view from the poolside bar.

The view from the poolside bar.

Back in Hood Town after a fantastic week in the sun.. No moans or groans just a brill time spent in a brill place with a brill person..What more could i ask? well i could have done without having a sub normal Londoner called Craig acting the twat every night we saw him and his crew of chavs.but apart from that we had a fantastic chill out.Loads of sun , fun n beer..Now for the planning of the winter get away…..

I was hoping to see the bingo place demolished on our return but it is still standing, though the Co-Op is down to four shelves of stock and that made me smile i can tell ya.

Anyroad i am off to rub some aftersun lotion into my skin..Have a good one you lot and take care eh!

Back soon.

September 4, 2008

Off for a weeks sun and fun..don’t miss me too much you lot..


September 3, 2008

Me n the lovely Mrs B nipped into town today to collect our travelers cheques n euros for the hols so we nipped into the Bell for a swift one and a bowl of chips to keep us going..first time since the refurb and i must say i like it..i was a bit apprehensive on entering but i reckon it’s good.

We picked up the Sopranos boxed set for 90 quid from Zavvi, Half price so we were well chuffed with that,Then a new beach bag and a few holiday bits, oh then Mrs B noticed her watch had stopped so off to the watch battery bloke, nowt wrong with it says the bloke as the battery had become dislodged..a free one there so chuffed all round. Oh and it proper pissed it down..not that we cared!

I had a call from me mucker Douggie today and he tells me his knee is swollen and painfull again so he is off on the sick,,Take it easy mate them knees take a bit of time to mend. So i reckon that is putting a bit of pressure on the fill in crew on our team at the factory, mind you i am in holiday mode so i ain’t having to cope with it eh?

Anyroad i’m off for a bit of dinner and some Sopranos..Have a good un n think of me in the sun..