Me n the lovely Mrs B nipped into town today to collect our travelers cheques n euros for the hols so we nipped into the Bell for a swift one and a bowl of chips to keep us going..first time since the refurb and i must say i like it..i was a bit apprehensive on entering but i reckon it’s good.

We picked up the Sopranos boxed set for 90 quid from Zavvi, Half price so we were well chuffed with that,Then a new beach bag and a few holiday bits, oh then Mrs B noticed her watch had stopped so off to the watch battery bloke, nowt wrong with it says the bloke as the battery had become dislodged..a free one there so chuffed all round. Oh and it proper pissed it down..not that we cared!

I had a call from me mucker Douggie today and he tells me his knee is swollen and painfull again so he is off on the sick,,Take it easy mate them knees take a bit of time to mend. So i reckon that is putting a bit of pressure on the fill in crew on our team at the factory, mind you i am in holiday mode so i ain’t having to cope with it eh?

Anyroad i’m off for a bit of dinner and some Sopranos..Have a good un n think of me in the sun..

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2 Responses to “Bargain..”

  1. Stuart Says:

    I like the ‘new’ Bell as well. I think they’ve done a suitable and appropriate job on it. The seating has a better arrangement and the flooring is a massive improvement. The only downside is that some of the piped music at night is a little bit loud for my tastes – especially as it’s the sort of pub you go to for a chat with your pint.

    All in all, nice one.

    PS The black guy at the bar has also changed into his winter fur hat in sympathy. 🙂

  2. barnze Says:

    The music is a bit loud causing everybody to shout at each other..other that that i like it..

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