Coma or Sleep?

I tell ya what no matter how good ya hols are it’s allus good to get in ya own bed..i slept like a log last night..Mind you i got to bed late after watching Schindler’s List again,A cracking film i reckon. Anyroad if it weren’t for the dustbin men waking me up at just gone 8 i would have slept till dinner time.

I hear that the old Co-Op will be closed for about a month for fitting out and by the looks on the faces of staff in other shops they are making it pay while they can, I reckon there ain’t one person that’s gunna miss the old dump.. Mind you it would be good to see the old bingo place as a pile of rubble..I can only wish!

Back to the factory on Thursday night and i am hoping that Douggie is well enough to get back to work by then, The poor fucker has a trapped sciatic nerve and i know how that feels.. But as i shall be gaffer i need him to be fit n well.

Anyroad i am off to prep for tonight’s meal..Have a good one and mind ya backs..

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3 Responses to “Coma or Sleep?”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Ahhh so glad you and the Mrs. B enjoyed your holiday! That’s true that it’s great fun being away, but there’s no place quite like home (your home bed anyway), It’s just a different kind of sleep.

    And at least you don’t have to return to the factory right away, you have a couple days to fuck around before getting back to the grind…

    Glad you’re back though. Schindler’s List was such a long movie, and rather depressing for me… I’m more of a ‘stupid comedy’ gal… :))

  2. Pinksy Says:

    The bingo place is staying now, my sources tell me. But…

  3. barnze Says:

    @ AJ.. I too like a good comedy but i do enjoy a bit of drama.

    @ Pinksy.. Don’t piss on my cornflakes mate..Let me dream untill the dream is shattered.

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