On the slope.

What a week it has been at the factory, Saturday was mental i can tell ya,in a way i was glad i was in the command centre and in other ways i wanted to get amongst the mayhem,The crew worked like Trojans to get on top of it and came out knackered but glorious. We even got a pat on the head from another dept for our efforts ..nice to get cuz they can be a bit hard on us sometimes..

Anyroad i gotta get ready for tonight’s bout..Hope you had a good weekend you lot..i am looking forward to a few days off n a beer i can tell ya.

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3 Responses to “On the slope.”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    i know how you feel when you had a good shift at work and everyhitn rolls nicely, felt the same last week had a busy one i was kind of in charge and helped aperson track down some inportant stuff she lost all departments worked with each other and the stuff got found good news alll round

    have a good few days off and have a beer for me and stay safe out there

  2. barnze Says:

    Not a bad week.mind you i had to fend off the overtime..Have a good un

  3. cind Says:

    Yep, always nice to get a bit of a slap on the back from others when a job’s done well. Gud un to you and ur team.

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