No sign of the Co-Op.

Off up to Mozzers to see how it looks today..Been a long wait but well worth it just to see the back of the Co-Op,My insiders tell me the old supervisors have had a tough time during their training and will have to get their fingers out and get some work done for a change. Well up for a bit of shopping me.

A bit of a rough week at the factory just gone by and i managed to cop a bump on my head,nowt to serious but it’s as sore as fuck.Douggie is off again next week,getting some steroids pumped into his arse cheeks to sort out his trapped nerve,then the week after the gaffer has a fortnight off leaving me to pilot the ship,each passing week brings me n the lovely Mrs B closer to our winter hols..Bring on the sun is what i say.

Anyroad it’s time for me to cut the ribbon at Morrisons and i don’t want to keep Angelina waiting.Let the shopping begin!

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