The yout of today.

Lets hope the Nottingham City Council approve the funds for the building of the “centre of excellence” here in Clifton,The young folks around here need something they can get involved in,And the rumour is that if the sale of the old Roundabout building goes through it will be a new Police station..Good news all round i reckon,Mind you i wouldn’t mind a chance of buying the old police station,I reckon it would make a brill home.

Not a bad day here in Hood Town today,a bit of sunshine and not too cold,My last day off so i am making the most of it and with Douggie off next week i ain’t looking forward to getting back to the factory i can tell ya.Mind you the lovely Mrs B is making the final plans for our late Winter hol so we have something to look forward to.Bring on the sun!

Anyroad i got the dinner to prepare so i’m off.Have a good one you lot and stay safe.

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