Exit stage left!

The street theatre was performing again last night as pissed up twats shouted and fell into the hedges of us normal folk..How come people get so pissed they have to shout at each other from a foot away?

To top it off nextdoor to us had some cavity wall insulation installed today and the noise of it woke me early so a rough night and an early morning did nowt for my mood.

Not a bad day though today and my mood lifted once i got to the shops,A bit of a stir fry tonight so not much prepping to do untill it’s time to cook.And to lift my spirits even more i managed to lob my slipper at that big fat ginger cat hitting it’s arse as it buggered off out of the garden..Nice!

Anyroad i’m off for a fistfull of fags and a bucket of tea.Have a good one and stay safe out there.

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3 Responses to “Exit stage left!”

  1. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Can’t go wrong with a spot of proper street theatre but not the sort you seem to be suffering from…

  2. barnze Says:

    Sometimes it’s quite funny seeing um wobble down the road.

  3. farmer dave Says:

    iam still offering to come round with a rocket launcher to shut the arseholes up if yeh like just yell and ill pop round, and i had roast veg in a giant yorkshire pub with mice onoions with other gubbings in and gravy very nice for my dinner today very nice

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