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That’s that then.

December 28, 2008

Crimbo been and gone,I hope you lot had a good one,i was working most of it so mine is starting now,The factory was busy over the hols and both me n Douggie came away with aches n pains but well up for our days off,all we have to do now is get the new year shifts out of the way eh!!

Mind you the winter hol is not to far in the future so there is allus something to look forward to eh?

I ain’t had a lot of time to post and catch up on the rest of the worlds postings so i am gunna be browsing a bit today..With a chunk of crimbo cake in my mitt!

You lot have a good and safe New Year and take it easy on new years eve eh.

Busy times.

December 23, 2008

Not much time to post over the last few days as i have had loads to do but that is done now..we nipped up to the Ferry on Saturday for a meal…good news was the venison was on and spot on unall, A bit under done for me but it was good, mind you it was a shame to see the place empty at about half 7..I reckon the credit crunch has hit um hard!

The crimbo working week starts tonight and we are expecting plenty of work in to keep us busy,As per normal we are a man down on our crew again so a bit of a bastard there.

The transfering of my CDs to the pod is getting boring now, though i am now as fast as fuck at it now!

Anyroad i am off for a fist full of fags and a brew. Have a good Crimbo you lot n look after your loved ones.

A Small step.

December 11, 2008

One of the things that pisses me off is the way some folks want to control the interweb, My mate Dan has a top class posting about censorship over at Blurred Clarity..Another piss poor atempt to fuck the system up.

Makes ya feel for the chineese i reckon as their web is just about fucked !

Will it be the rest of the world next?

A big job.

December 11, 2008

I was glad to be stuck in the conning tower last night as the lads on the shop floor had it all on, it’s the way the job goes, one miniute you are drinking tea and the next you have 9 hours of none stop hard graft..Well done lads!

a-big-jobOur gaffer is back on Monday so i will be back floor next week, but untill then it’s my days off. a bit of shopping to do for the festive season (Spare a thought for those of us working over the holidays) and we are sorted for Crimbo.

Speaking of festive on opening the 8th window of our chockie advent calendar i found a small note with the words “Skanked” on it..Young master B had worked his way into the back of the calendat and nicked my chockie!!! revenge is now in the planning.

Anyroad i’m off up to Woolies for a bargain or two.

Have a good weekend & stay safe.


December 9, 2008

Still finding new stuff on the pod and i just cant suss out how i managed without it..Life before the pod was it just got better.

A good first two shifts at the factory and what with a rostering fuck up giving me two extra bods on Sunday things are going well,The last bit of Crimbo shopping to be done this weekend and i will be set for the festive season.

Good news from across the water as Ken the Bubble is coming over from Kefelonia to visit his family so i reckon there will be time to catch up with him for a few beers and perhaps he can kick our arses on the bowling lanes again.See ya soon mate.

Antroad i gotta get a shower before the next shift so i”m off, Have a good un and take care out there.

Pod test

December 7, 2008

Just a quick tester from the pod.

I’m lovin it.

December 4, 2008

Not a bad stint at the factory and with the shopping spree tagged on it was a good week,The Lovely Mrs B got me an IPod Touch..I ain’t put it down since i got it,a fantastic bit of kit what with the interweb at ya finger tips and plenty of room for my music collection i am well chuffed with it. I am even enjoying putting my choons on to it as it automaticaly finds and displays the cover art..How shit hot is that?

I hear that Mozzers are going to expand the store in the new year and the old Bingo place is to become a petrol filling station,A fitting end to the place i reckon and all good for local job unall. Mind you things ain’t looking all that good for jobs here in Hood Town as to big employers Experion & Capitol One both shed jobs..

Not long now till the fat bloke comes and with us working the night shift over Crimbo an early festive season for me.We have never made much of Crimbo as we give and recieve gifts throughout the year..One of the joys of love i reckon, Oh and only about 10 weeks to go till me n the lovely Mrs B are off for some winter sun. Life is good.

Anyroad i’m off to bung a few more choons on the iPod, Have a good one and stay safe out there.