A big job.

I was glad to be stuck in the conning tower last night as the lads on the shop floor had it all on, it’s the way the job goes, one miniute you are drinking tea and the next you have 9 hours of none stop hard graft..Well done lads!

a-big-jobOur gaffer is back on Monday so i will be back floor next week, but untill then it’s my days off. a bit of shopping to do for the festive season (Spare a thought for those of us working over the holidays) and we are sorted for Crimbo.

Speaking of festive on opening the 8th window of our chockie advent calendar i found a small note with the words “Skanked” on it..Young master B had worked his way into the back of the calendat and nicked my chockie!!! revenge is now in the planning.

Anyroad i’m off up to Woolies for a bargain or two.

Have a good weekend & stay safe.

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