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January 30, 2009

The Sherwood sniper strikes again…Personally i can’t fault it,The stinking moggy was most likely killing birds and shitting in his garden.

Counting the days.

January 26, 2009

Another half way point in my night shifts and our new chap seems to be crumbling under the pressure, Some folks just aint suited to hard graft i reckon… Mind you with my muckker Douggie off for a weeks hol i have been happy just to have an extra pair of hands.

I am sure i will be thinking of the factory’s struggle when i am on my back , under the sun in a few weeks time…NOT!

The building work for young Master B has all but gone now thanks to this credit fuck up we are having so he is now looking into doing other work. Bad news is so are thousands of other construction workers so things are hitting home now just what a shit state the country is in.

Anyroad i gotta get a shower n that ready for shift three, Have a good and stay safe out there eh?

? – The Hood Town Poet

January 22, 2009

Nice work i reckon. A piece by a local artist known as Questionmarc, There’s is more on his/her website. I am looking forward to a bit more content and will post up some of it that takes my fancy, Mind you the Nottingham Evening Post takes a grim view of it all,But what do they know?  I reckon that some of the graffiti here in Hood Town is spot on,Some good stuff to be seen from trains coming into town.

Have a good one and stay safe.

Act one then offski.

January 18, 2009

Last nights trip to the Arts was rubbish,Apart from a bugger up with our tickets the play was so poor we buggered off after act one,The acting was so poor that even a good subject like Arsenic and ols lace could not carry it, Mind you we did have a good meal and a few beers so a good night came of it. A bit better than this blokes night on the town i reckon? Another poor fuckers night ends in misery!

Back to the factory in the morning for one shift before the four days off,Now that’s what i call a working week eh?

Anyroad i’m off for my dinner (roast beef),Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Latin thought of the week.

January 16, 2009

Culpam poena premit comes.

Shame on you!

January 16, 2009

Corruption  in the council!

Disband the lot of um i say…

This sort of this allus runs deep, I reckon with a bit of digging we the people of Hood Town should be getting a few quid back in the coffers, Shame on um!

Bob Hood..What next?

January 15, 2009



Well i am well pissed off to read that the Tales of Robin Hood has now closed it’s door to the public for was never what you would call brill but it was a good place for the visitors to hood town to go. I still reckon that if the attraction was moved into the castle grounds it would make a few quid!

A new product for Mrs Bs dinner tonight..Tilapia fish…It looked good so i got one on today’s visit to Mozzers..Lets hope i cook it right eh?? Me n young Master B are sticking with the steak n chips option!

I have been reading up on our winter break hotel and it looks to be a good place and with only a few weeks till we bugger off it makes me feel good just reading about it.Bring it on!

Anyroad i am off for a brew.have a good one and take care out there

Closed due to lack of interest..

Closed due to lack of interest..

A rest.

January 13, 2009

Three extra days off on this stint of rest days and i reckon we are off to the theatreon Saturday for a bit of comedy am dram,Arsenic & old Lace and perhaps a meal after.. it has been a while since we did a theatre night cuz there aint been much up our street of late so we are looking forward to it.

I reckon it will be soon time to dust off the suitcase and pack ready for our Winter break in the sun, Well up for a weeks doss beside a pool i can tell ya!

We are a man down on our crew at the factory so we are hoping to get the spot filled as soon as we can,Our latest member just could not hack it and left after a few days..The youth of today just don’t want good honest graft.

We had yet another letter telling us that Nottingham County Council about our drains being blocked again..another scam to skank us for money as both us and our neighbours have paid private company’s to clean our drains we don’t see why we should pay again for a blockage further up the line..Fucking rip off i reckon!!!! This shit has been going on for months now,Do they really think i need a letter telling me not to put engine oil of nappies down the bog? No car, no babies here for fucks sake!

Anyroad i am off to the shops for a few lamb cutletts for dinner,And a pleasure it is shopping nowadays!

Have a good one and stay safe eh?

Mission complete

January 12, 2009

Another working week done and with
an extra three days off things are looking good. More later as this posting is from the pod and is eating time. Have a good un.

Credit Crunch with milk and sugar.

January 6, 2009

I have just been reading about how the so called Credit Crunch is affecting us here in Hood Town with the Tales of Robin Hood on the brink of collapse.. How crap is that eh? I never really thought the place was all that good but we do need it to stay open..Perhaps a move up into the castle grounds will do it some good???

 Oh and nipping into our local Wollies was an eye opener yesterday.. They have even sold the shelving??? Mind you i must say that over the years i must have spent well over 20 quid in there so no loss to me,Bad news for those who have lost their jobs though.

As i have been getting a few Migraines/Headaches lately Mrs B is going to book me in for an eye test (It could be a tumor) to see if my mincers are at fault, And with 2 pairs of glasses for 75 quid i reckon now is the time to go blind.. I reckon i will go toSpecsavers!!!

I missed out on catching up with Ken the Bubble due to me working and him & his family having to travel around visiting family, Maybe next year i will visit you mate,Hey ya never know?

Anyroad time i continued my search for some free Goon Shows..Have a good on and keep watching the skies..Their here!