Credit Crunch with milk and sugar.

I have just been reading about how the so called Credit Crunch is affecting us here in Hood Town with the Tales of Robin Hood on the brink of collapse.. How crap is that eh? I never really thought the place was all that good but we do need it to stay open..Perhaps a move up into the castle grounds will do it some good???

 Oh and nipping into our local Wollies was an eye opener yesterday.. They have even sold the shelving??? Mind you i must say that over the years i must have spent well over 20 quid in there so no loss to me,Bad news for those who have lost their jobs though.

As i have been getting a few Migraines/Headaches lately Mrs B is going to book me in for an eye test (It could be a tumor) to see if my mincers are at fault, And with 2 pairs of glasses for 75 quid i reckon now is the time to go blind.. I reckon i will go toSpecsavers!!!

I missed out on catching up with Ken the Bubble due to me working and him & his family having to travel around visiting family, Maybe next year i will visit you mate,Hey ya never know?

Anyroad time i continued my search for some free Goon Shows..Have a good on and keep watching the skies..Their here!

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3 Responses to “Credit Crunch with milk and sugar.”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    I went to Woolies yesterday as well. It closes today…

  2. Manic Says:

    Stay well bro

    I remember the tv ads. “That’s the wonder of Woolies…that’s the wonder of good old Woolies”

    I often wondered what the wonder was as I never went in one.

    Spike Milligans gravestone says “I told you I was ill”….genius into death

    Hope yer eyes are ok mate

  3. barnze Says:

    my eyes aint all that good so i reckon the opticians will sort me.

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