Bob Hood..What next?



Well i am well pissed off to read that the Tales of Robin Hood has now closed it’s door to the public for was never what you would call brill but it was a good place for the visitors to hood town to go. I still reckon that if the attraction was moved into the castle grounds it would make a few quid!

A new product for Mrs Bs dinner tonight..Tilapia fish…It looked good so i got one on today’s visit to Mozzers..Lets hope i cook it right eh?? Me n young Master B are sticking with the steak n chips option!

I have been reading up on our winter break hotel and it looks to be a good place and with only a few weeks till we bugger off it makes me feel good just reading about it.Bring it on!

Anyroad i am off for a brew.have a good one and take care out there

Closed due to lack of interest..

Closed due to lack of interest..

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6 Responses to “Bob Hood..What next?”

  1. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Mark Whiteley used to play the copper in the video before you went in the main bit.

  2. Pinksy Says:

    I never actually made it to TORH. Shame…

  3. Manic Says:

    That’s ridiculous. Robin Hood not of interest in Nottingham??? What a world eh?

    Bad news down here too. They’re hell bent on building the bloody third runway – right through Sipson Village. Lovely place. Been there since 17 some’at. Longer than the bloody airport anyroad.

    A bit of civil unrest and rioting may be on the cards with a bit of luck and a following wind….

    The majority are against. RIP democracy.

  4. barnze Says:

    @ DHG.Shame no fucker can watch it now.
    @ Pinksy.ya dint miss much but the tourists would have liked it.
    @ Manic.Hope ya keep your village..Big bro takes the piss again.

  5. farmer dave Says:

    it would of made sence to of moved the tales of the robin hood to the grounds of the castle as a lot of vistors to nottingham go to the castle so would end up going to tales of robin hood as well i’d of thought but hey who are we to say,

    iam ready for a break think end of march iam off camping somewhere not sure yet, the stake and chips option sounds a safeun

  6. barnze Says:

    not enough is made of our Bob Hood,The ideal place for such a thing would be the grounds,Mind you have the council rebted out the grounds to bent staff? Hey ya never know!!

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