Act one then offski.

Last nights trip to the Arts was rubbish,Apart from a bugger up with our tickets the play was so poor we buggered off after act one,The acting was so poor that even a good subject like Arsenic and ols lace could not carry it, Mind you we did have a good meal and a few beers so a good night came of it. A bit better than this blokes night on the town i reckon? Another poor fuckers night ends in misery!

Back to the factory in the morning for one shift before the four days off,Now that’s what i call a working week eh?

Anyroad i’m off for my dinner (roast beef),Have a good one and stay safe out there.

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One Response to “Act one then offski.”

  1. Preacher Says:

    What no heckling??!!

    I worry whenever Jax goes out but you can’t wrap ’em in cotton wool. Just hope for the best like that poor lads family did and hope you’re luckier than him and them eh?

    ta for’t voicy thingy by the way. Nice to hear an accent north of Watford!!!!

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