The Sherwood sniper strikes again…Personally i can’t fault it,The stinking moggy was most likely killing birds and shitting in his garden.

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4 Responses to “Me…Owwwww”

  1. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Fancy coming to see Mark and I in Newark Barnze? Be good to see you mate, been a while.

  2. A Criminologist among many Says:

    Reckon the RSPCA should look for a rat lover.

    They say the Black Death plague was caused after the Inquisiton into witchraft in Europe led old women to drowning their pet cats for fear of being totured for witchcraft. Consequently the rat population gre …and the rst is history.

    Not sure if its true – but a plague on the house of the Sherwood Sniper anyway.

    Cats are a menace with their shitting and stuff but they do eat a lot of rats and mice. And I think magpies (beng nest robbers with wings) kill more songbirds than cats.

  3. Preacher Says:

    Don’t mind peeps not liking cats but doing this shit is wrong. Personally I’d shoot the bastard in his eye without a moments hesitation.

  4. barnze Says:

    @ DHG.. I would have loved to catch up with you both mate but we shall be in Lanzarote on our backs under the sun so we shall misss it.Best of luck with the tour,I reckon if it is owt like the Big Adventure you should do well.

    As for the cat killer..This idiot was at work last year also..i read somewhere that total psycos start out killing amimals..Perhaps he/she is next years murderer..

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