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February 27, 2009

Well here we are in the sun with wifi access,How good is that?

Just like a post card…




Time to go as pool vollyball is starting.

Fasten your seatbelts..

February 25, 2009

Just a few hours to go till we touch down in Lanzarote,I can almost feel the sun on my back as i type this.i wonder if the complex has wireless interweb access? that would be good for the old Ipod,Checking mail and the odd posting up to here eh?

A bit to do today what with meeting up with me old mucker Douggie and making sure the factor 15 is packed and ready to go so i’m off, Catch up with you lot later eh..Take care and spare a thought for me chillin in the sun eh?

I Ink therefore i am..

February 24, 2009

We now have a tattooist just up the road from me so i reckon it’s time for me to get some more skin art. And at 50 quid an hour i reckon it is good value, i have a few designs in mind so after my hols(Only 2 days away) i shall be booking myself an hours stint under the needle. I nipped in today to check it out and the bloke seems ok,More on this later i reckon.

Only 2 more sleeps till we fly off to the sun and with the cases packed all we have to do is grab um and go..Roll on.

Have a good one you lot and stay safe eh!

Nice one.

February 15, 2009

 A good evenings entertainment at the Playhouse last night,Though the numpty sat next to me spent most of the time explaining to his partner what was going on, I am not sure who was the thickest between um! The play was well produced and the cast carried it off in style. Not much on there now that is up our street so we have to wait until the outdoor stuff at the castle in June. Mind you with the hols only days away i ain’t to fussed about getting withdrawn from a bit of culture with the promise of sunshine just around the corner.

We made the mistake of forgetting it was valentine’s day and lost out on booking a table for a meal so ended up have some pub grub in the local..Not all that bad but i would have preferred something a bit more up market if you know what i mean? I somehow knew valentine would be poking it’s nose into my life..Perhaps i should not have slagged him eh?

A treat for dinner tonight as the lovely Mrs B is cooking her lemon chicken soup (Though i call it a stew) with dumplings, One of my favorite meals and an extra portion is being made for the freezer to keep young master B in good food whilst we are away. Nice!

Anyroad enough crap for now as i want to look on the interweb at things to see and do in Lanzarote. Have a good on you lot.

Valentine schmalentine..

February 11, 2009

I don’t do Valentines day,never have never will,A load of corporate bollocks if you ask me!

If you are lucky enough to love and be loved make every day a special one i say.

I am one of the lucky one’s i reckon cuz i found my soul mate way back!

If you pop in here any time Mrs B, I LOVE YOU! More that chocolate! More that iPods, More than guz gogs..Well, on par with guz gogs anyroad.

Knee’s up Mother Brown..

February 11, 2009

I twisted my knee last night at the factory, just a wrong step and pop it went, now it’s as sore as a choir boys ring..Mind you it ain’t so bad as to keep my off work so i am in tonight for shift 3 of the last night shifts till the holidays.. It’s wrong to wish time away but i just can’t help it!

Bloody cold last night with a bit of sleet and a frost to come home to, I like the winter but give me the sun anytime eh?

We are off to the Playhouse at the weekend and i see in the press that we are up for some more outdoor theatre in the summer months so i reckon we shall be having a portion of that, Bad news on the theatre front is that as we shall be getting some sun on our backs in a few days we shall miss a performance of Poles Apart locally, Bit of a downer that as we had a belter of a night the last time we saw Dan & Mark perform, If you can get to one of the venues to catch um on tour get in there for a laugh. Too many folk ain’t getting enough theatre i reckon. Dig a ditch lads and good luck with the tour.

Anyroad it’s time i massaged my knee and got ready for my shift and with the weekend off with the Lovely Mrs B i reckon it will fly by.

Ain’t love grand!

Take care and have a good one.

With a bit of luck..

February 8, 2009

No more snow though the forecast says more to come, I hope not!

Another brill piece of art from Questionmarc up on the website, A classic photo of the warden next to the piece i reckon.

Excellent work and a well taken photo.

Back to the factory tomorrow for the last night shifts before the winter hols so a good frame of mind to kick off with eh? That holiday feeling helps ya get through the working week with a smile i reckon.Bring me sunshine!

Take care out there and if you are nipping up to the shops don’t forget to ask ya neighbours if they want owt.. Not everyone is happy to skate up the road you know!

The worst for 18 years

February 5, 2009

Fucking snow!!

More of the stuff last night and the threat of a bit today..Make it go away….!

The winter holiday is only 20 days away so it knocks the edge off the gloom of snow,slush & credit crunch, Mind you we do need a retailer to take up the spot left by the demise of Woolies.The shop looks like a little bit of a war zone up there at our local shopping strip.

Our latest new man at the factory has had equal sick days matching his working days.Only a matter of time before he is buggered off, Not that we on the crew will miss him as we get to carry his load every time he blows out. You would think in today’s economic fuck up that folks would want to work eh? Take it from me some fuckers just don’t want it.

Anyroad i’m off to lob snow balls at the neighbours.Have a good one and keep warm.


February 2, 2009

Snow,cold and day two at the factory. Ya just gotta love if. Mind you the thaw is somthing I don’t want to see, I hate slush.
Have a good one and take care eh?