Snow,cold and day two at the factory. Ya just gotta love if. Mind you the thaw is somthing I don’t want to see, I hate slush.
Have a good one and take care eh?


3 Responses to “Snow”

  1. Preacher Says:

    apparently we’re getting even more tonight. Jax has built a snowman and I’m in bed with man flu so I don’t care if we get snowed in

  2. Preacher Says:

    sadly we didn’t ‘n it’s nearly all gone now. Jax’s little snowman is flat on his back – possibly from the bottle of Krony she gave him…;-)

  3. barnze Says:

    Man and the Lad are bunged up to fuck with it.As for snow,we had more last night though it is thawing now i hear we are getting another freeze and more snow..Ok for the youngsters to play in but a bind for us old folk….

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