Nice one.

 A good evenings entertainment at the Playhouse last night,Though the numpty sat next to me spent most of the time explaining to his partner what was going on, I am not sure who was the thickest between um! The play was well produced and the cast carried it off in style. Not much on there now that is up our street so we have to wait until the outdoor stuff at the castle in June. Mind you with the hols only days away i ain’t to fussed about getting withdrawn from a bit of culture with the promise of sunshine just around the corner.

We made the mistake of forgetting it was valentine’s day and lost out on booking a table for a meal so ended up have some pub grub in the local..Not all that bad but i would have preferred something a bit more up market if you know what i mean? I somehow knew valentine would be poking it’s nose into my life..Perhaps i should not have slagged him eh?

A treat for dinner tonight as the lovely Mrs B is cooking her lemon chicken soup (Though i call it a stew) with dumplings, One of my favorite meals and an extra portion is being made for the freezer to keep young master B in good food whilst we are away. Nice!

Anyroad enough crap for now as i want to look on the interweb at things to see and do in Lanzarote. Have a good on you lot.

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4 Responses to “Nice one.”

  1. farmerdaves Says:

    i do like a stew myself and think its much better left over night and eat the next day, yeah think we do need a bit of sun now as all this cold is doing my days out in

  2. Aunt Jackie Says:

    You guys are “Valentines” every other day of the year it seems so I wouldn’t worry 🙂 Pub grub is cool sometimes… You will have another time to get upscale dish.

    You and Mrs. B are my romantic heroes lol

  3. Preacher Says:

    Send me a doggie bag!!!

    Thinks to do in Lanzarote? They’ve got lots of bars. Nuff said 😉

  4. barnze Says:

    All inclusive mate..How good is that? Cheers.

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