A bit Jaded..

I for one was getting well bored with all that Jade Goody shit in the news.. But i reckon Questionmarc has got the story bang on with this piece of art..Nice one.

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10 Responses to “A bit Jaded..”

  1. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Agreed, great bit of work.

  2. barnze Says:

    It made a good impact i reckon, a very talented and quick witted artist!

  3. Darren Says:

    Shooting fish in a barrel, really. Poor man’s Banksy? Who knows. A least Banksy can raise a smile.

    The media haven’t attempted to canonize Goody, unlike Diana: The People’s Princess. A lot of the media coverage was created by Goody herself in order to put in place a financial legacy for her children.

    A mother dies and leaves her sons, due to an illness that could have been detected in time and possibly cured, but she was failed by the medical system. Though that story doesn’t actually come across in the picture, does it? I’m no fan of Jade Goody, but she has my utmost respect for being someone who had no start in life, who took on the media and showed she was smarter than them and made her millions from the very industry that was intent on destroying her. Clever woman. A true idiot savant.

    So stop being so fucking cynical and look at the bottom line instead of embracing this piss-weak middle class “art” in an attempt to validate your misguided attempts at fitting in with your chums. It really does cripple the nation, this lack of empathy and this constant attempt of psuedo-intellectual “knowingness”.

    If you were in the same position, you would do exactly the same thing as Goody. Say you wouldn’t and I say you are a liar, my friend.

  4. barnze Says:

    Its not easy shooting fish in a barrel..i tried it once and found tipping it over to do the trick.

    Cycinism is what i do, with a dash of purile lobbed in.. I realy do like some of the stuff that Questionmarc is turning out.Some of the piceces that were placed around Hood Town over the last few months have realy caught my eye, i would not say she was a poor mans Banksy, More the local artist doing the biz to get the art out there for the viewing public.

    The Goody / Peoples abscess media shit gets up my snout a bit but i try to avoid that sort of stuff if i can, Though as unavoidable as it was in both cases i saw Goody make a packet and fair play to her, And yes if i had the chance to milk a few mill out of the media i would be in like a flash.

    Cheers for dropping in, And thanks for the “psuedo-intellectual “knowingness” bit..I will google that later.
    Have a good un.

  5. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:


    Are you following this everywhere and leaving angry comments?

    I don’t know what’s got your goat and I replied to you over at the pic itself but in brief:

    People will smile at that picture, me included, art is subjective, love or loath but don’t hammer your prejudice at someone else for liking it. You’ve a middle class hobby horse Darren and it’s starting to look like a chip on your shoulder or worse, self-loathing.

    Yes Darren, the media have attempted to canonize Goody, some of them anyway, you might not read it but it exists.

    As for Goody doing so much media to feed her kids, fine, but live by the sword, die by it.

    As for the picture not conveying the failure of the NHS, you have got to be fucking kidding me? Are you joking, because the idea that is should is frankly bizarre, you’re clutching at straws here.

    Also, how to you know she was failed?

    Also, you’re bigging up of her ability to play the game and over emphasis on her roots perhaps illustrates why you’re bugged so much because this is the personal myth you tell yourself, hence you deeply personal response to the image.

    And don’t start me on being ‘fucking cynical’ Darren, you’re a master of it, perhaps take a step back and question the level of vitol over a piece of art and the issues you are weighting on top.

    “instead of embracing this piss-weak middle class “art” in an attempt to validate your misguided attempts at fitting in with your chums. It really does cripple the nation, this lack of empathy and this constant attempt of psuedo-intellectual “knowingness”.”

    What a personal attack, which having met Barnze is so far off the mark it beggers belief and annoys the hell out of me that you take this one element and then attack so brutally and, if I may say, pathetically.

    Look inside yourself Darren, ask where all this bile is coming from and what personally mythology is being challenged here, rather than taking the ire out on others.

  6. barnze Says:

    Looks like this bloke is a Goody fan with a spike up his arse then… And there’s me thinking i had a new mate… A failing of my “psuedo-intellectual “knowingness” i reckon.

  7. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Darren is a good man but this is one of his bug bears.


  8. Preacher Says:

    The Church of Goody has begun…..

    I admire her determination to leave as much as possible for her kids for sure and, given her upbringing, she is to be admired for succeeding in being Jade Goody. Also, she didn’t deserve such an end as no young woman would – hopefully one of the lasting benefits will be the NHS’s improvement in not letting other young women die in this way (although I doubt it) but let’s get real.

    One hour after her death was announced I received a text from a friend. The friend is a 25 year old woman who – you would suppose – felt considerable sympathy – if not empathy – for Jade.

    “At Jade’s cremation hundreds of small plastic bags containing her ashes were distributed to ensure everyone got a Goody Bag”

    Cynical? Cruel? No. Human nature.

    Chill Darren. Yes. We would do the same for our kids but don’t lay into Barnzie.

    The press slagged her incessantly – especially after the Shilpa Shetty business – then soon as she’s terminal she’s Diana from the wrong side of the tracks.

    She’ll be remembered by ‘ordinary people’ as a character with lots of flaws who loved her kids to bits and did her best with what she had and could get.

    She was human. Not perfect. Just human.

    Let’s let her rest in peace now eh?

  9. barnze Says:

    Is she still dead?

  10. hurlingfrootmig Says:

    thankfully yes!

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