Back scratching..

More cronyism at the Council offices after all our cash they have lobbed away the jobs for the boys goes on..Shame on you.oh and while i’m at it  choke on the third payment from me for your fuck up with the sewer system around Barnze Towers..Our system shound be the cleanest in Hood Town the amount of cash i and my neighbours have tipped into your pockets!!

Barnze Say’s…”Labour council..Get out and let’s have our money back”!!!

Oh and i borrowed the above image from Bent Society’s corner of the web,Nip over and have a look at the postings over there..All about Hood Town and it’s goings on.


2 Responses to “Back scratching..”

  1. Preacher Says:

    Same shit different council.

    Speaking of shit….this country is really going down the pan in’t it?

    Shall we form another party old bean?

    How about the B(Barnze)P(Preacher)P(Peoples)P(Party)?

    Vote for the BPPP and let Barnzie and the Preacher spend your money wisely……er…..sort of 😉

  2. barnze Says:

    Not me mate, I look a twat in a suit.

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