A chill,a bit of justice & a splash of colour.

A busy week at the factory but the days off are here again,and a public hol so i have two extra days with the lovely Mrs B. Mind you the weather is shite so the trip to the seaside is off and either Bowling of the Cinema is in order with a meal out on the town thrown in! Such is life.

I was well chuffed to read that some DNA testing has found the killer of Colette Aram who was killed back in 1983 just up the road from me..This DNA thing is a fantastic tool i reckon and it’s good to see such a crime get it’s man. A bit of a shock for the bastard that killed her after nearly 30 years down the track eh? Let’s hope justice See’s him do his time. bring back hanging i say!

On a lighter note it’s nice to see colour popping up in the garden after all the work Mrs B has put into it,The whole garden is getting to be a better picture every passing day,Mind you we still have the odd flea ridden stinking cat coming through..mind your paws on that broken glass now!

Time for me to toddle through a few pages of the interweb now so i’m off,Have a good few off and take care.

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3 Responses to “A chill,a bit of justice & a splash of colour.”

  1. Preacher Says:

    Caz is convinced the progress made in DNA could result in several junior Preachers arriving on my dorrstep one day 😉

    Hanging’s too expensive. Lethal injection. Cheap and effective.

    Not touched me garden for way too long. Planned it for this weekend and it’s bloody pissing it down here. Off on me bike to the pub if it stops.

  2. barnze Says:

    I like the idea of hanging but any capital punishment will do..Don’t fall off ya bike.

  3. farmer dave Says:

    think if capital punishment was brought back half the arseholes wouldnt dare be arseholes, bring on capital punishment i say

    and for the weather ive been upto berwick upon tweed and its been great weather not a spot of rain for 4 whole days,

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