Not quite the champ…

News just in..Went bowling yesterday.lost.Nuff said! Mrs B is the bowling champ & i have had to give her the trophy (For now)..I am happy to play today for a re match but no takers..If i were match fit i would have won but i have been poorly and am on some special cough medicine and it threw me off my game..Well done to the lovely Mrs B for taking advantage of a sick man. oh and thanks to jesus for the easter eggs.




Cheers to Zeltergiest for the pic…

Good news is we have another day off together tomorrow so it’s all good.if the weather is good we are off for a walk down the Grove,a nice place to spend a bit of quality time i reckon.

Androad i’m off to hear some more gloating about the bowling…Have a good one and don’t eat to much chocky eh?

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7 Responses to “Not quite the champ…”

  1. hurlingfrootmig Says:

    i’ve eaten 12 creme eggs to myself.
    feel sick now……
    but if the boy doesn’t eat his remaining eggs sharpish, they may not last the day!

  2. hurlingfrootmig Says:


  3. barnze Says:

    I got a few bars of Bournville..The best dark chocky in the world i reckon.. Kid eh? They never learn..

  4. farmerdaves Says:

    i agree with you there barnze that bournville chocky is one of the best for dark chock but ive not had any chock this easter at all

  5. barnze Says:

    You still on a fitness kick?..Gotta have a bit of chocky mate!

  6. farmerdaves Says:

    ive just wrote a post on my blog about my fitness kick, ive kinda let it all go but iam back into it now big time and talking about chocky iam having a bit now found a tub of roses inthe office at work so iam diving in before they get eat by the others

  7. barnze Says:

    Roses grow on you!

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