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Pics just in….

July 31, 2009

Master B has just nipped in,showered got changed and gone out to a party )How good is it being young?) between that space of time i got him to get a couple of snaps of my latest ink…

I have been looking forward to the kangeroo piece, it turned out well i reckon.


The coat of arms is just at the outline stage at the moment but i reckon it looks good enough for a picture. A lot of detail to go into it after my hols.

This one is just at the base of my neck..And sore as hell.

Anyroad thats it for now just a quick update ..Off out to wine n dine.


Have a good one and take care.

A stabbing pain in the back.

July 31, 2009

Just back from the tattooists and now have the outlines of the next threes pieces on my back,I shall get the detail work done after my hols (Only a few weeks to go) so i am well chuffed. Mind you i am a bit sore as the new pieces are scattered over my back making it feel like an allover burn.The whole piece is looking good now,i tried to take some photos but i could not manage it on my own so i will get Mrs B to take a few snaps later then i shall post um up.

I am off out tonight to meet up with the lovely Mrs B and a few of her work collegues for a few pints beside the canal..i love the summer nights and for once this week it aint raining!!!

Last week went well with two days intensive training on some new procedures and the remainder of the week at the factory,We are still awaiting news of more changes and my fingers are crossed for a shorter working week.

Anyroad its time for me to get sorted for tonights beer bash. Have a good weekend you lot and stay safe.

Is that it?

July 26, 2009

Wow the weekend went by fast eh? Mind you each passing day brings the holiday a bit closer, The last holiday of the year and a long wait till March i can tell ya,Still ya gotta keep looking forward eh!

The lovely Mrs B has her decorating head on and is busy painting down there in the South wing,Doors are changing colour and i did notice a few spots of paint on her legs, Can you tell what it is yet?

Me n Douggie are off on a two day training course Monday n Tuesday so only two shifts on the factory floor this week,Hey we might even grab a pint on the way home!

Oh and i have booked an hour at the tattooists next Friday,I cant tell you what is going to be put on next untill we work out from my designs the next piece,needless to say the pics will be posted later.

Anyroad i’m off to grab a shower, I hope your weekend lasted a bit longer than mine..tempus fugit. Have a good un.

Where have i been?

July 24, 2009

Not much time spent here in Blogsville the last few days..Busy doing other shit and no spare time,but its all done now and i am back.. all to do with winds of change…..

We have a two day training session next week,some new techniques to be practiced and yet another certificate to earn. I like to get as many of those things in my folder as i can.a bit anal but they do look good i reckon.

I will be good to spend a bit of quality time with the lovely Mrs B this weekend as we both have had it all on at work over the last few weeks and deserve a break from it all.

My back is fully healed now and i may have time for one more piece of art stabbed into it before we fly off on our hols…..Mind you there is the dilemma  of chosing the next design…Only about 6 to chose from but i would like it to ballance well if you know what i mean?

Anyroad i am off to catch up on a bit of reading of blogs n that so i am off,I hope you have a good week end, i know i will.

 Take care and stay safe.

Ally ally aster,

July 17, 2009

Rain…More rain and a bit of drizzle, What happened to the heatwave the met office promised us eh? Mind you it’s good for the garden so not all bad news!

A nice lump of rib eye for my dinner tonight and a fresh rainbow trout for the lovely Mrs B,A  hedgehog potatoe and some sugar snap peas to round it up and sorted.

I have just read about this senseless attack on a bloke pushing a pushchair with his eight week old daughter in it..How fucked is that eh? Who would do something like that? Nothing and no one is immune from this kind of attack nowadays, i reckon you have got to be some special kind of nutter to do that kind of thing. Lets hope the attacker gets whats due eh?

Anyroad i’m off to slash my spuds. Have a good weekend and stay safe .

Done n dusted.

July 15, 2009

Another working week gone by and news of a few changes in management, All for the better if you ask me, nothing official as yet but some changes for the common good coming up, I like change me, kind of gives a bit of extra motivation i reckon, more on this as things unfold but the rose tinted glasses are ready for wearing again i reckon! Life is good. Oh and a reduction in working hours would be nice boss…

Douggie is on holiday next week and Maz is back from hers so we still have a hired gun on our crew for a while, it gets like this every year during the summer months, we all need holidays eh? Mine ain’t to far away now!

Changes at the lovely Mrs Bs office also so it’s all on here at Barnze Towers..Hey a few extra quid never goes amiss eh?

The new tattoos are healing well so i shall post a pive of the full work once it has all come good.

Anyroad i am off up to the shops for a few items that i have forgotten,Mrs B asked me to pick up a few things yesterday but i have no idea what she asked for!!!! Hey i have been to bed since then! I shall ring her to ask what the hell i am supposed to get.

Have a good one you lot and take care out there.

Skin flicks.

July 10, 2009

Here are the latest picks of my back piece…

No really ready for pics owing to just being done but you get the picture Eh.

I hope that stops the confusion AJ

Sore but happy.

July 10, 2009

Another piece of skin art today, A large piece down my spine and it hurt like hell i can tell ya, i shall post some more photos later, Needless  to say i am chuffed to bits with it and the latest one has brought together the whole thing, it’s looking good and with only a few more designs to go i reckon the end result will be bob on! a few weeks off from the tattooists now to give my sore back time to heal…Cheers Steve..Nice work.

A bit of a crap photo but i took it myself and it aint easy taking a snap of ya back!

Back to the factory in the morning for the start of the day shifts, I ain’t to keen on weekend shifts as i reckon weekends should be spent with the lovely Mrs B, Mind you with the holiday just a few weeks off i reckon i will cope.

Anyroad it’s time to prepare dinner so i am off, Have a good weekend you lot and take care.

And another piece slots in.

July 9, 2009

 The next piece of my tattoo has been done,no pics yet as i am on my own and ya can’t photograph your own back, but it looks good, booked in for an hour tomorrow so i shall post a pick of the full work (In progress) when i get back.

Nice to get a bit more done though i reckon that will be it for a few weeks due to it costing a bomb and i have the holidays to pay for..I am hoping to have the full piece done for crimbo though i do have a load of designs i would like i reckon i will have to stop at the full back job. But then again!

A sticky day today,grey skies and very warm… Kind of shit sleeping weather if you know what i mean?

Anyroad it’s time to run the dyson around the great hall.. Have a good one and stay safe.

Another piece of the jigsaw.

July 8, 2009

Just back from the tattooists and well chuffed with his latest work,I have got another sting booked for tomorrow so things are moving on. The picture as usual does no justice so i will get another posted when it has healed.

I will be a few more sittings from the finished piece but i can’t wait to post the picture of the end result!  Oh and yes it did hurt!

I am now folowing the weather in Majorca just to keep the spirits high for the holiday, Not long now!

Anyroad i got shit to do so i am off, Have a good one and take care.