Is that it?

Wow the weekend went by fast eh? Mind you each passing day brings the holiday a bit closer, The last holiday of the year and a long wait till March i can tell ya,Still ya gotta keep looking forward eh!

The lovely Mrs B has her decorating head on and is busy painting down there in the South wing,Doors are changing colour and i did notice a few spots of paint on her legs, Can you tell what it is yet?

Me n Douggie are off on a two day training course Monday n Tuesday so only two shifts on the factory floor this week,Hey we might even grab a pint on the way home!

Oh and i have booked an hour at the tattooists next Friday,I cant tell you what is going to be put on next untill we work out from my designs the next piece,needless to say the pics will be posted later.

Anyroad i’m off to grab a shower, I hope your weekend lasted a bit longer than mine..tempus fugit. Have a good un.

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2 Responses to “Is that it?”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    iam already for a week off again but not long had one it was only 4 weeks ago but seems a lifetime ago, but got one booked for end of aug might take a trip to skegvagas for the day

  2. barnze Says:

    Any time away from the grind of work is a bonus..Been ages since i went to skeg.. Have a good time mate.

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