A lovely night..

The lovely Mrs B and myself spent a quiet night in with a nice meal and a couple of bottles of champers last night. Remembering things that had passed and looking forward to things to come. I must say that the past 22 years have just zoomed by..Something to do with age so they say! I reckon we have loads of adventures to get through in the future so bring um on.

I had a call from my mucker Douggie earlier telling me that his mother in law had passed away after a long illness..Chin up old lad,look after the family and keep smiling.

That’s the bad bit about getting older..Folks die around you! Mind you i would not want to live forever,Unless i stayed aged 30 or something.

Anyroad it’s my last day off as i am back on the night shift tomorrow, Time goes by so fast when you have a good craic. Take care out there and love your loved ones eh?

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2 Responses to “A lovely night..”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    So glad you guys enjoyed yourselves…

    Yeah I know what you mean… I’m very into “True Blood” this vampire show on HBO–I wouldn’t mind getting turned at no MORE than the age I am now and living, but getting old and falling apart is scary.

    Seeing what My Dad went through, it’s not fair to good people to go through these things.

    Life is very odd at times.


  2. barnze Says:

    Life is odd, Kind of build you up knock ya down stuff. Make the most of it AJ, we only get one go!

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