Loads of finch and the odd tit.

Off out for the pre holiday haircut today.Ya gotta get down to the wood when you are gunna get some sun on your nut.All over with the number one blade and only a fiver,now that is a bargain,I am not sure if my old barber Speedy is still working now as the new barbers seem to have taken all the custom, Way of the world i reckon!

I was just looking out at the bird feeders and i reckon the birds are getting through 3 maybe 4 kilos of feed a week from us alone, as all the feeders are full of birds and about 20 more birds forming a disorderly queue to get on um. Those folks selling bird food are on to a winner!

Anyroad i am off to get my hair cut,i might get my throat cut whilst im there.

Have a good one,Oh and thanks to the gaffer for the call yesterday to see if i could work the night shift last night…..What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Loads of finch and the odd tit.”

  1. ken Says:

    didn’t you think to give “Greeny” a call to offer the overtime?. Have a good holiday you two.

  2. barnze Says:

    Hahahahahaha..Saw him the other day,with a bottle of cider.Odd that. Cheers mate. Still aint got round to visiting your island yet,hey ya never know.

  3. barnze Says:

    I can count the overtime i have done in all my working life on one hand..It never seems to pay enough to lose some quality time with the lovely Mrs B.

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