Oh no the bamboo is on fire.


We had a great time last night setting off our fireworks,So good that we used um all even the ones i wanted to take to my mate Mass’s house…only one went wrong…A 16 shot jobbie that fell over and discharged it’s load into our bamboo plants, i thought we were gunna go up in flames but it was ok and made us laugh..A lot!

Back to the factory on Sunday night so those 12 days off have zoomed by and a long wait now till the winter holiday in February/March…The long dark nights!

A nice lump of rib eye steak for me n the lad and a lovely rainbow trout for Mrs B is on the cards for tonights meal,a bottle of wine and a nice unwind for Mrs B after a hectic week at the office. She is so lucky to have a bloke like me to pamper her.

Anyroad i am off to prep the dinner,have a good weekend you lot and take care.

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2 Responses to “Oh no the bamboo is on fire.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    we now have a new kitten……I admit courtesy of me. I rescued the little sod. He was totally wild. A ginger boy. Oh God he reminds me of Chris Evans….

    Anyroad. He jumps on the window ledge and hisses and spits at the fire works.

    Completely insane. Caz called him ‘Maximus’ after Russell Crowes ‘Gladiator’ cause he has no fear (sense). I added Spittimus as he spits at every living thing (cept me). Obviously a moggy with taste eh?

    Soz old bean. I’ve let the side down. But he is a bit cute yer know…..


    ….and yes…Caz made me start a blog for him.

    I’m doomed…doomed I tell yer!

  2. barnze Says:

    They are quite cute… Just the ones that shot in my garden and kill my birds are the evil bastards. I even stroked a couple whilst at my mates house the other day. Mind you I won’t visit a cats blog…….

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