Feel the heat…

We had a belting time last night around at Mass’s place and it was good to catch up with some old mates and meet some new one’s,The food went down well unall.

Me n Master B spent a few hours playing with the fire,and went home stinking but happy after getting rid of Mass’s lopped trees and opps that fence panel….I even got an invite to a catch up with a gang of old muckers but sadly i am working that night and have no hols left so can’t attend..maybe next time?

Today is just chill out time as i am back at the factory tonight for the start of the night shifts including the dreaded Manic Monday night shift,We all hate that one i can tell ya.

Anyroad just a quicky as i am off on the interweb to chase up my pension…Age is brill ain’t it?

Have a good one you lot .

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2 Responses to “Feel the heat…”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    i find my 2 busydays are tuesday and wednesdays all rooms at work are trashed and all need putting back to how they were a bit of a pain at times, and my next break is crimbo cant wait as ill get paied for my 2 weeks off over crimbo now iam perm at work

  2. barnze Says:

    Good to hear you got the perm job dave…two weeks off for crimbl….. Nice.

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