The found weekend.

The rest days are here again and a weekend off with the lovely Mrs B is to be enjoyed,And after a bleak, rainy,dark working week we are both looking forward to it,A roaring fire and a nice meal will soothe away the weeks graft i reckon.

Did you see that programme The execution of Gary Glitter the other week? I reckon it was brill and as one of the 54% of this country’s population in favor of the death penalty i reckon it must have poked a few thoughts into the heads of the other 46%.You still have a bit of time to watch it by clicking the link above,I must add that i have been to two of Gary’s concerts in the far distant past and he was the leader, a brilliant entertainer..Shame you turned out so wrong Gary,Even more of a shame you are still predating!

Onto a more lighter note crimbo is only a few weeks away and i have the luxury of being rostered off this year,i wonder if there will be anything in my stocking,i have been a good lad all year…..Honest i have!

Anyroad i have some shopping to do for tonight’s meal so i am off, Have a good weekend,snuggle up and keep warm with the one you love…That’s what i am gunna do.

Take care and stay safe,

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4 Responses to “The found weekend.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Glitter was indeed a consumate showman. I suppose by the law of averages some happy memories get soiled later on eh?

    I’ve always believed in a death penalty….I’m dubious of ‘the beyond all reasonable doubt’ bit applying though just in case. A posthumous pardon ain’t worth squat.

    Hindley & Brady, Nillson, Sutcliffe and people of that ilk are the ones. There’s no doubt, reasonable or otherwise.

    Have a good weekend snuggled by the fire old bean

  2. barnze Says:

    Good to get some pro thoughts on capital punishment,i normaly get my arse chewed for mentioning it!. I would like to pull the leaver on Ian Huntley!

  3. Four Dinners Says:

    Yep…he’s another. Reasonable doubt? Doesn’t apply!

  4. farmer dave Says:

    i watched that prog about giltter quite good made you think i do think the death penalty should be brought back or a 2 strike system the 2 strike system should be worked to the offence regarding the pedos strike 1 should be balls chopped off and a good lengthy spell in jail then strike 2 just kill the sods no question

    and for the keeping warm iam going to be at home this eve listening to dinners radio show have a goodun

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