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Rough as bags..

November 21, 2012

After feeling rough all through the working week i finally succumbed to the Man Flu.Honestly i feel like i have been run over by a truck. Just nipped out to the shops in the pouring rain to fetch a few supplies and had to stop half way home to gather  my strength ,,Dizzy n weak..Now wraped up n snug on the settee.

The Lovely Mrs B is about to book our winter break so we have some sunshine to look forward to, Good to think that in a few months we will be chillin to the max.

Anyeoad im gunna make myself a hot lemon drink and watch tele..


Take care out there most of you,The others can die in pain.(you know who you are) 

Plan B

November 12, 2012

ImageA bit of an up n down week at the factory.A couple of shit jobs in.Stabbings always get a lot of attention.Douggie on the sick.Might have DVT so shit news there.Then we had to carry some dead wood for two shifts..all in a crap week. Only a few weeks till crimbo and we are rostered off this year so good news there.

Well looking forward to The Hobbit films.right up my street that.

Anyroad i am off to pick the dead skin off my heel..Late you twats.

The Scoobies

November 2, 2012

Proper bout of the Bombey trotts last night.Cheers to me muckker Douggie the imodium worked a treat.Better now.The Lovely Mrs B is out on the town tonight at some 80s do,her work mate is in a band you know?

Another shift at the factory about to start and we are hoping all goes well for this one.