Still alive.

Woke this morning still full of whatever virus is kicking the shit out of me. I aint felt this bad for years,I reckon it’s the Flu..Not that Flu you think you got but the proper Flu.The one that weakens you–,the one that makes ya joints ache—,the one that just hits all ya systems at once .Not good.

Not a lot i can do about it bar keep warm,pop pain killers and drink gallons of water..Medics all through the ages aint been able to find a cure so what chance do i have?

Apart from being half an inch from death everything else is fine,A holiday to look forward to,Being rostered off at crimbo is good.Though i will have to miss out on this Fridays crimbo bash with the Lovely Mrs B due to being ill.



If i make it through this bout of proper poorly i will catch you all later.

Stay safe and keep warm out there.

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