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Having a knees up

May 20, 2014

street_art_banksy_london_england_3Well the time is going by a a good speed as our walking holiday gets closer.

We met our new bosses last week, they gave us a bit of hope of improvement in conditions so its a wait n see situation.. We have been here before so no holding breaths n that. The new mob seem to give a fuck so all is good.


My knee has been playing up for a few weeks now and I am thinking of getting a replacement done. Now I am old I can get it fixed. Bit  of a decision to make as my mates op dint go as well as it should and he is now having another op..

Tell ya what though it would be good to cut out the pain killers. Asnd get about pain free. I will make my decision when we get back from our holidays. See how I cope with the walks.  Mind you I do about five or six hours walking every day at work and that ain’t easy on my knee. We shall see!

Both Roxy and Frank are getting into mates mode now though they still have to rag each other up every day ( must be a dog thing) but on the whole they get on well.

Any road I’m off to watch Dark Star. A corny 70s Si fi movie.

Keep smiling.

A bit of sick.

May 10, 2014

I boffed up last night.. Not a lot but the first puke for years.. Not keen on it so I hope its gonna be ages till I do it again.. Then I lay in bed till five till I went to sleep. What’s all that about.

New bosses take over in June so I am hoping for some changes. I like change but I like notes better.

Holiday time in four weeks time and I am well up for it though I hope my knee is up to the walking. It will be good to get both beach & countryside  walking in. And its Frankie’s  first holiday and view of the sea.. I reckon he will be straight in there.

Keep smiling.

May.. not summer yet!

May 1, 2014

Well we made it this fat without getting snowed in eh? Only a few weeks till we are off to West Runyon for a week of chilling.

Holidays are what its all about I reckon.