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Credit Crunch with milk and sugar.

January 6, 2009

I have just been reading about how the so called Credit Crunch is affecting us here in Hood Town with the Tales of Robin Hood on the brink of collapse.. How crap is that eh? I never really thought the place was all that good but we do need it to stay open..Perhaps a move up into the castle grounds will do it some good???

 Oh and nipping into our local Wollies was an eye opener yesterday.. They have even sold the shelving??? Mind you i must say that over the years i must have spent well over 20 quid in there so no loss to me,Bad news for those who have lost their jobs though.

As i have been getting a few Migraines/Headaches lately Mrs B is going to book me in for an eye test (It could be a tumor) to see if my mincers are at fault, And with 2 pairs of glasses for 75 quid i reckon now is the time to go blind.. I reckon i will go toSpecsavers!!!

I missed out on catching up with Ken the Bubble due to me working and him & his family having to travel around visiting family, Maybe next year i will visit you mate,Hey ya never know?

Anyroad time i continued my search for some free Goon Shows..Have a good on and keep watching the skies..Their here!

A scooby doo ending?

July 22, 2008

Alien abduction again..

November 5, 2007

I fell asleep in the great hall last night,Honest there i was on the settee in front of the tele fast asleep, The lovely Mrs B woke me up at 6 and sent me to bed… I reckon some aliens had nipped in and whisked me up to a waiting spacecraft for some tests,That’s how it happens you know??

Some nice pork steaks and jacket taters for tonight’s meal so a trip up to the Co-Op is in order, Allus something funny to see up there, Like the slow woman who bores ya to death with her droning voice and her snails pace folding of the till receipt..Makes me want to shout “Come on get on with it” every time i see her.

Anyroad I’m off for a bucket of tea and a fist full of fags in celebration of the new footy ground not being built here in Clifton..Thank fuck for that!

Have a good and take care out there.

What’s the matter?

January 9, 2007

Some breaking news yesterday as astronomers make an image of Dark Matter, some invisable thing that takes up a big chunk of the universe,No one knows what it is or what it does but i reckon they should leave it alone,Don’t fuck with it!

 You just know some scientist is gunna fuck it up and ya mobile phone will never work again! Your sat nav system will lead you some dark alley where martians will be waiting to inhabit your bodies..Run for the hills!

Oh and don’t go poking any vegetables with sticks,Don’t say you ain’t been warned!

They are amoungst us, i know because i did a few carrots and a turnip in for our stew a few hours ago, Not a whimper out of um but i reckon they were the seeds of the new order.

Have a nice day out there. And keep watching the skies!