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A few weeks to go.

May 29, 2008

Another migraine today..Arse! It’s not a tumor! Back to the factory tonight and we have a new bod in to cover for Douggie who is recouping at home after his op.Get well soon mate we need you back on the shop floor.

Only a few week now till our holiday down in Somerset though this month sees me at the factory every weekend so no quality time with the lovely Mrs B unless she takes a few days hol mid week that is..hey ya never know! Anice Shepherds Pie cooking away down in the kitchen for the family’s evening meal..Mrs B does like my cooking though second helpings mostly go to young master B who will eat it cold???? How gross is that?

I am in need of a hair cut butSpeedys was closed the other day when i nipped up so i am hoping Mrs B will give me a trim over the weekend.We have some clipper so a quick job apart from the “Are you going on holiday this year?” and “Something for the weekend?” chat that is part of the ritual of home hair cutting here at Barnze Towers.

Anyroad it’s time for a shower and a shave in readiness for tonight’s shift.have a good one you lot.well most of you, the others (They know who they are) can fuck off and die. Stay safe and take care eh?


Can i have my money back?????

February 12, 2008

There i was sleeping away when some loon with a touch like an elephant is banging on my front door waking me up…Severn Trent Water have got a problem..Tell me about it i say, it’s cost me over 200 quid to try n get it sorted you cunts…. The drains are backing up again! Makes me wonder if i can get my cash refunded off um???

Now i’m gunna be trying to do a few shits to give um something to play with whilst they have the manholes open..serves um right for denying the blame in the first place eh?

 A bit of shopping to do today and if speedys barbers is open a hair cut is in order. Good news on the Co-Op front as i hear the bingo place is still gunna close but has a few months to go as plans are still waiting to be finalised…Sooner the better for me!

Anyroad i’m off for a dump…..Have a good one you lot and take care out there.

And not a drop to drink.

July 23, 2007

No prizes for working out that it’s raining again,after yesterdays sunshine comes yet another downpour,i would have thought that nature would have ran out of rain by now but it looks like more to come,bad news for our low lying villages here in the Hood,Mind you with the i’m alright jack attitude i can say we here at Barnze Towers are ok up on the hill.

I see the Arts Theatre have an online site for donations to keep it running and all the best of luck to them ,it would be a shame to lose an outlet for the performing arts but it seems to be a trend that the smaller theatres go belly up nowadays.Dig deep you Notts folks and lets keep the curtains open eh?

Off up to Speedys today for a hair cut and a catch up on the latest winners he has backed ,With the offer of “Something for the weekend” it makes getting a hair cut an entertaining experience i can tell ya!

A nice bit of steak and potato gratin for dinner tonight (Chips for master B) and a bottle of wine to help it go down,Soup tomorrow as i am visiting the dentist again…Arse!

Anyroad it’s time i got up to Speedys,Have a good one dear reader and take care out there.

A very busy week,with a welcomed break.

May 5, 2007

Full on at the factory this week,and i am well chuffed to have the weekend off i can tell ya.

We are looking forward to catching up with some old faces today at the wedding function,though times like these bring memories of those who are no longer with us,i reckon good times carry a bit of heartache with um eh? Or is that just me?

I met up with the lovely Mrs B last night after work for a pint or two with her and her colleagues down at the Navvy so that was a nice way to round off a hectic stint at the factory , i love Fridays me.

A bit of a lie in for me today as i did not get out of bed until just before 10 so that was good,Mrs B is up at the hairdressers getting a trim at another rip off price,ya can get the works up at speedys for a fiver and get to read the star all in 10 mins….How do they justify 90 quid for a haircut???

Anyroad i’m off for a handfull of fags n a brew,Have a good weekend you lot and stay safe out the ya could lose an eye if you ain’t careful,or a life if your unlucky enough.It’s cheap on the streets nowadays.

Take care.

It’s a walk in the park.

April 30, 2007

Yesterday the plan came together,A walk in the park,feeding the ducks,a cream tea,a walk through the steam museum & a pint with lunch with the sun shining. Sorted!

Not a load of ducks about to lob our bread at but loads of young squirrels about nicking folks picnic food,and we only saw a couple of deer so i reckon its still too early to get the full nature thing down there yet.

We nipped into the cafe for a brew and a cream tea before wandering into the steam museum (free now so a bargain) though that sort of thing ain’t really up my street it was there so we did it,We even bumped into one of Mrs Bs colleagues who works on the engines there in his spare time,and apparently plays the harmonica on the tele sometimes, anyroad after coming out of there we walked down the hill for a bite to eat and a pint in the wheelhouse before going home to Barnze Towers,A good day out i reckon.

All in we had a nice time with some hand holding but no rolly poley down the hill as the deer shit was everywhere.

Cheers to Wollo park always a good day out! A Barnzeum award to the park and all who work there.

You bad lad!

February 2, 2007

Classic laugh yesterday as young Master B gets fined for dropping a fag end in the new (Old) Market Square that will teach him eh, 50 quid for a fag end..shame on him,hahahahahahahahahahaha, Ya can’t fault the council for nicking him but i do think they should grab all litter droppers and not just smokers,Anyroad a Barnzeum Award to the city council for making me laugh and giving me a few days fun playing with master B.

A word of warning to those of you not aware of the fag police there! The answer is lob ya fag end into a passing junkies pocket! More junkies than litter bins about nowadays.

Right i’m off to knock the plaster dust off my clothes,have a good weekend.

You’ve had ya chips……………….

February 2, 2007

Well my pc came up with a message about the cpu temp being too high just before it looped again so i reckon its killed it’s self..Arse! Anyroad i am taking it up to the repair place on saturday morning to get it sorted,Hopefully it wont take long to get it back to me.

It was Tescos turn for online shopping this month and they never showed for delivery last night!! A call today telling me they will deliver at noon so i’m stuck in waiting for um. So its a Stephanieum award for them today for shit service. TWATS.

Its odd sitting her in young master Bs room working on his system surrounded by building tools and dirty work clothes i can tell ya,fuck knows how he copes living in this clutter???? Still it lets me keep up the business while my system is fixed and saves me the crap of nipping to the internet cafe so mussent grumble to much eh?

Anyroad im off to prepare the beer cellar for the delivery,Have a good one dear reader and stay safe .