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Oh well

December 24, 2009

A good nite out last night and we all enjoyed ourselves…You always get a good meal at Antalya’s . a pint to round off the night then home to the warm. Down hill today. Ya can’t have it good all the time.

I know its the season of goodwill to all but some out there can kiss my arse.

Anyroad i’m off to bang my head against the wall,Have a good crimbo most of you.

Tipping the velvet.

November 26, 2009

An odd week at the factory with snippets on news about the 8th of December bringing changes but just gossip i reckon,as we are a player down from our team we have a ringer in,velvet trousers un all…Dont ask!

Cold as a witches tit this morning coming home on the scooter,i see now why bikers wear all that leather,mind you for 10 mins i can stick it.

I reckon we are well into the festive season now what with the tele banging out the crimbo adds and the radio playing the same old crimbo songs..Bring on the spring i say and lets get a look at Kates tits again!

Anyroad 2 shifts still to go so i am about to mount the beast and set off for the factory. Have a good one most of you!

I would do that….

March 27, 2008

Do you want fries with that?

As cold as a witches tit..

February 19, 2008
Kin aider it’s perrishing this morning, Mind you not as cold as it was yesterday at 6 in the morning stood at the bus stop with a bunch of other folks freezing our nads off waiting for an hour for the bus …Two missing off our run..acording to the woman i spoke to at NCTX the engines had froze…no shit sherlock.. They could have let us know eh!
 I recieved a stock letter today telling me how sorry the council were to here my busses never turned up..It’s about time they got off their fat arses and sorted out the busses..I bet they were bombarded with complaints yesterday….How hard is it to admit the drivers said fuck it, it’s too cold to go to work today?????
  Mrs B is making good progress on the way to recovery so all is well at Barnze Towers and now i am off for a few days so i can do a bit of pampering..I like to pamper!
Anyroad i am off to make the lovely Mrs B a brew before i nip up the shops for a bit of
snap. Just before i go hows this load of bollocks for justice???? Knives or Bins???
Barnze say’s ” Sort it out you twats!!!”


January 11, 2008

Getting married? Why not get a cake in the likeness of the bride then stab it!

Just to plug Cappy’s site as he is running a what the fuck theme…

That’s entertainment..

December 12, 2007

Well i was a bit let down by the Golden Compass as it never ended, Ok so there is gunna be a No 2 but they could have said so before we went to see it..It was ok but it just stopped at a good bit just like the tele does… Apart from that the whole night went well what with a nice steak at Frankie & Benny’s (As always) and a nice settee to sprawl on and nibbles during the movie things went well.

Bad news is my 4 off have flown by & it’s back to the factory in the morning..Mrs B has to wait till April for her op so we are hoping someone drops out of the waiting list before then as it would be nice to get it sorted asap.

I nipped up to Speedy’s today for a trim but he was closed so that’s the third time i have done that in the last few months..mind you he now has an opening times list on the door so no probs next time .

Anyroad it’s time i iced my profiteroles and maybe snaffle one before someone counts um…

Have a good one.

What next?

November 28, 2007

What the fuck is the world doing letting some woman get nicked for naming a teddy bear? I often see a bear sitting in a basket in a shop with some sort of competition to name it and once had a go for a quid with the name “Arse bandit” needless to say i dint win…..

Barnze say’s “Pack the fucker up ya daft twats.”

Ho ho no.

September 15, 2007

Merry Christmas signs up in the Co-Op today…Yeah like it makes me in the mood for it!!!

Mind you we now have a Jamacian food vendor up on the market and the dumplings are spot on! Nice one!

Little Grunt the hedghog has been scootling around our patio most evenings now and i managed a quick shot of his arse passing by our door the other night..

He makes a lot of noise so i reckon he must be shouting for a mate to breed with,Mrs B is putting out some food for them tonight and will have the camera ready so hopefully some better shots to come eh?

Anyroad i gotta get ready for my stint at the factory (A nice steady week is in order) now so i’m off..Oh i have brought my crew a new mug each as the ones we have are well past their best..Good news for the crew eh?

Have a good n safe weekend you lot.

Protected: All in good time

August 1, 2007

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Why are you here?

June 26, 2007

The unwanted are leaving shit on the mat again..