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Another daft idea.

June 20, 2007

I have just read that Nottingham Forest are building a stadium here in Clifton…What the fuck is all that about?? The roads ain’t coping with the trafic volume as it is never mind a footy ground.



March 19, 2007

What was the weather doing yesterday?? We here in Hood Town had the years weather in a day,Sun shine & warm then rain,hail,snow,cold winds all in the space of a few hours..Weird i reckon.

I have just updated my CV with the words “dismissed for bringing a company’s name into disrepute ” kind of sticks in ya craw when thats exactly what they have done to me eh? Mind you now i just have to get on with the new job and let the tribunal folks do the rest,Shame it all happened as it did and i suppose i should have seen it coming but shit happens. I shall of course be keeping in touch with my mates and am looking forward to the next bowling night,Give me a bit of time and i reckon we could have a team from my factory playing a team from the old one ( i still have a couple of Ken the Bubbles old trophy’s to recycle .) now that would be a good match. I have awarded the Stephanieum to the decision makers for their mistake and though i am still pissed off at what has been done to me i am putting it down to experience.

Anyroad enough of that for now as i have water caltrops to prepare for tonights meal and yet even more admin work to do so i’m off,Hope your weekend was a good as mine,Take care and stay safe.


March 17, 2007

The final decision from the company arrived today & they still insist i fucked up?? So it’s up the the tribunal to do the biz.

A good day today out at Newark for the day and had time for a pint and a wander around the antique shops with the lovely Mrs B,A big day for the markets as the run up to mothers day is a boom week so the place was well packed.Kerching!

loads of folks with St Paddys hats n stuff about as they make their way to get rat arsed and who can fault um? Not me. Some nice meats n olives for tonights meal and with some bread n a bottle of wine it should be a good one.

Anyroad im off for a lie down,i hope your day was as nice as mine dear reader,take care & stay safe.

The ides of march..Mind ya backs!

March 15, 2007

I missed my stabbing by a few days but this day was a bit of a bastard for old Ceaser,mind you at least i dint get killed during my attack eh!,Four Dinners was asking earlier about my appeal but i have no news as yet as i am still waiting for the final decision from the folks at the factory,The whole thing just seems to drag it’s sorry bollocks as slow as it can,a bit like sitting in a doctors waiting room for 17 days. Gets ya down a bit but ya gotta keep smiling eh?

Anyroad during my business today i got another chance to bump into the lovely Mrs B for a kiss n a cuddle,brill how things like that happen i reckon,lifts the whole day something like that. As i can’t be arsed to cook owt today we are getting in some outside caterers so the worlds menu is at our fingers for tonights meal,and a couple of bottles of wine are chilling in the fridge as i type so it should be a nice quiet night in for us.

More admin work to do now so i’m off,have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there.

The big day

March 7, 2007


It’s my appeal day tomorrow at the factory,Can you see um changing their minds? No me neither but it’s all gotta be done!

Help me i am drowning under a mountain of fucking paper work….


February 27, 2007

Well as my old dad used to say “gu ta the foot of our stairs” i got the sack,Honest they fired me for something i dint do,Both me n Brian (The union rep) were gobsmacked to hear the decision that my employment has been terminated! Now i have to set in motion the unfair dismissal procedure though i don’t think it will get my job back!! Over 10 years of doing the job and i get the sack for something i dint do kind of sticks in my throat!

I have applied for a couple of jobs today but i can’t see an employer taking someone on who has been fired from his last job! Then of course i have had to register with the unemployment people so today i am feeling well pissed off about the whole thing,mind you i shall fight as far as i can to get justice and i reckon i have a good case.

It was good to have a few mates from the factory ring me and tell me that they too were shocked to hear that i had lost my job for something i did not do,mind you their faith in the boss has gone to zero because of it.

Ahh well i reckon i have had enough of feeling sorry for my self and i should get on with things,funny that a few days ago i was saying to the deputy manager that employers can’t kill ya and they can’t make ya pregnant,they can sack ya though if they feel like it!

Take care out there folks and i hope your having a better day than i am.

Hey buddy can you spare a dime?


The beat goes on.

February 21, 2007

I spoke with my union rep today and he will attend the next meeting with me on Monday,Not much i can say or do till after that so nuff said i reckon!

And theres me thinking i got problems eh when some poor old bloke gets a beating in his home! Just how shit is that eh? Society needs its arse wiping now that it has shat allover the place!

Sort of subdued today so i’m keeping it short,though my spirits were lifted by a mail from Ken the bubble this morning,keep smiling mate!

Anyroad i’m off to break another mirror,Stay safe folks.

Still hanging.

February 20, 2007

I had my investigatory meeting this morning with the gaffer,As i did not cause the fuck up all i could offer was “NO” and there was nothing to say i fucked up but i’m still suspended as the company don’t believe me. Kind of frustrating when i ain’t done nowt wrong,so i suppose i shall have to get my union rep up for the next meeting though there is no case to fight i need to get some sort of advise.Well pissed off about the whole thing i can tell ya!

Pancakes for dinner today ofcourse and a nice bit of smoked haddock for tomorrow,i do like a bit of fish every now n then.

Back on my PC again as the repair wallah’s sussed out they fitted a duff hard drive so all is well there.I can download my camera now so here are a couple of pics i took a few days back.

Shit on my shoe.

The losers trophy sadly mine till next time!And no that ain’t a giant bowling shoe it’s a miniture cup! Even the losers go away with something.

Anyroad i’m off to get some oranges for the pancakes,Have a good one and stay safe.

Oh well.

February 16, 2007

A surprise last night to turn up for work to be met by the boss,seems that there was a technical glitch this week and as i was last at the scene i am to blame so i have been suspended pending an investagation,Shit always rolls down hill as the saying goes.Hey if i fucked up i’m happy to hold my hands up to it! Shit happens!

So that’s it for this week at the factory,As luck would have it Mrs B was at a late meeting at work so we met up at the Bell for a pint on the way home to discuss the latest shit to stick to my shoes,then home for a quiet night in,Mind you i did have to stay up late before going to bed due to me getting up a 14:00 and being wide awake.

As i had some unexpected spare time i was going to take my PC up to the repair shop today but it’s lashing down at the moment so i will hang on to see if it stops.

It never rains eh?

I see that the council have a budget for the Smoking Police so i am wondering if i should apply for a job with them,i reckon i would make a great fag plod me.

Anyroad i’m off for a brew n a fag,Have a good weekend you lot and stay safe.