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A Bit of justice and a chance to gloat.

June 20, 2011

Ever had one of those days where you see a twat who done you wrong in the past get a bit of comeuppance? I got one the other day.I hope it hurts like hell and with a bit of luck you might die screaming ya bastard.

Barnze Say’s “Die “

Armitage shanks..

August 21, 2008

Another poor victim of Hood Towns thuggery lies in a hospital bed today and another twat out on the street bragging his crimes.. what the fuck is wrong with folks today eh ?

And this daft twat is back in the news again..Bang him up ,Age is no excuse to be above the law.

What the fuck is wrong with folks nowadays eh? Seems to me that the whole of society is on it’s way down the toilet..A few twats have allus been about but now it looks like every street has one, we need a Robin Hood to put things right..Any takers?

I remember you.

May 16, 2008

Odd that i never heard from my old employer anything about the IT fuck up that happenedlately..i was expecting a letter of apology for the unfair,unjust and underhand way they fired me.. I still hold a grudge!

They have my number if they want to give me a bell. Not that they will. but i do get a daily bit of pleasure seeing them pop up on my site meter. Nice of um to show some interest.



Well well would ya belive it?

April 23, 2008

It seems that the IT system that could not go wrong and cost me my job at the old factory and casting a shadow on my good name has gone wrong again ( Or should i say gone wrong for the first time)..It makes me smile to know that somewhere in the old place there will be a couple of red faces knowing they did me wrong..Yes i do bear a grudge as i recall the word ‘Malicious ” being mentioned during my tribunal..Mind you i feel sure that folks at the old place will be smiling to themselves as most of them knew i was Innocent of all charges…Hey ya never know i might even get a letter of apology before i even get time to set in motion a  claim  under Section 2 of the Defamation Act of 1966..Interesting times ahead!

As for the working week things have been up and down so i am well glad to see the back of this one. We are having a new fence fitted with some anti cat features and we now have a sonic cat repeller in the garden so we are hoping those mesures will keep out the flea ridden moggies..

Me n the Lovely Mrs B are off for some bowling during this period of time off and we are taking in a day out at Attenborough Nature Reserve so all is well for the relaxing time.

Anyroad it’s time for a bucket of tea and a fist full of fags so i am off..Have a good one you lot and remember every dog has his day eh?

Barnze say’s” Enjoy St George’s Day”.

Fishing ports..They smell.

October 8, 2007

My PC is sorted..Just a few loose connections..Thank fuck for that as i just could not get on with the one i borrowed..Still it got me through eh?

Only two more shifts to do this week as i have been booked on a training 

course Thursday n friday down in Grimsby of all places..Hey if you live in Grimbsy my advise is get a fishing boat or move…

The man flu still has a hold on me & the lovely Mrs B but we are keeping on!

Anyroad just a quicky today so i’m off.

Take care out there!

Days off..

August 22, 2007

The lovely Mrs B has a dose of the cold so is a bit snuffly at the moment and i had a two day migraine  that took the stuffing out of me,So last night i whacked a load of ale into me and slept like a dead thing waking this morning with just a dull ache in my head so that worked.Not back at work till Saturday so i am just chillin for now.

Mind you with the holiday just around the corner i reckon we both will do well with some sun therapy so all is good.Everyone at my old factory seem to be in good spirits now as mails are flooding in with good news.I am well chuffed that they can now get on with their work in an environment that encourages them  rather than beating them down on a daily basis.It takes a bit of time to get over shit like that but it’s good that they can now try to build up a good team again.Makes me wonder if the truth will be known about how crap it is to be abused at work like that..Things can only get better folks.

I am cooking today so it’s time to get up the shops now & with a bit of luck Speedys will be open so a hair cut while i am at it..Have a good one you lot.


August 19, 2007

I hope all goes well at the old factory..Perhaps now you can start to enjoy your work again!

See ya on the lanes…Take care and keep smiling!