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Circus passing by…

August 17, 2009

The street theater is well on form today,what with the pot bellied neanderthal man shouting at his kids and the reply from the gollum like child of  “Fuck Off “, i just know that this shite will go on into the night. Mind you we have been lucky the last few weeks so i can’t moan….Can I ?

I spent a bit of time pruning one of our trees today and ended up covered in spiders and bugs to the point where i had two yes two in my mouth..They don’t taste good i can tell ya. The tree looks better for it but it has put me off doing the job again!!

A nice piece of smoked haddock and mash for our dinner tonight so there should be a bit of wind about as there is a large portion of mushy peas alongside of it..I do like the fart joke,Puerile i know but i like purile me.

Anyroad i’m off to peel the spuds.Have a good one and take care eh?

Exit stage left!

November 18, 2008

The street theatre was performing again last night as pissed up twats shouted and fell into the hedges of us normal folk..How come people get so pissed they have to shout at each other from a foot away?

To top it off nextdoor to us had some cavity wall insulation installed today and the noise of it woke me early so a rough night and an early morning did nowt for my mood.

Not a bad day though today and my mood lifted once i got to the shops,A bit of a stir fry tonight so not much prepping to do untill it’s time to cook.And to lift my spirits even more i managed to lob my slipper at that big fat ginger cat hitting it’s arse as it buggered off out of the garden..Nice!

Anyroad i’m off for a fistfull of fags and a bucket of tea.Have a good one and stay safe out there.


September 13, 2008
The view from the poolside bar.

The view from the poolside bar.

Back in Hood Town after a fantastic week in the sun.. No moans or groans just a brill time spent in a brill place with a brill person..What more could i ask? well i could have done without having a sub normal Londoner called Craig acting the twat every night we saw him and his crew of chavs.but apart from that we had a fantastic chill out.Loads of sun , fun n beer..Now for the planning of the winter get away…..

I was hoping to see the bingo place demolished on our return but it is still standing, though the Co-Op is down to four shelves of stock and that made me smile i can tell ya.

Anyroad i am off to rub some aftersun lotion into my skin..Have a good one you lot and take care eh!

Chuffed to be here?

August 29, 2008

Hood Town has cropped up in the top ten most cheerful places… how true that is but how come we ain’t in the top five eh? i should have had a vote i reckon! mind you we would be happy eh our drugs culture is thriving despite another factory closing down. We are all too stoned to be misarable.

Oh and speaking of of our neighbours was burning some shite yesterday and made all my washing stink to fuck..cheers for the concideration…Again..these day there is no need to busn ya rubbish..recycle it’s the done thing…oh well back in the washing machine again eh? we had a lovely community a couple of years back and now it’s like living in a fucking war zone.

I am off up the shops for a gloat..Have a good one !

Back from shopping with more good news..according to my bod on the inside, Morrison’s are taking the bingo hall as well as the Co-Op..made my day that did..just when i thought it could not get any better…get in there!

Armitage shanks..

August 21, 2008

Another poor victim of Hood Towns thuggery lies in a hospital bed today and another twat out on the street bragging his crimes.. what the fuck is wrong with folks today eh ?

And this daft twat is back in the news again..Bang him up ,Age is no excuse to be above the law.

What the fuck is wrong with folks nowadays eh? Seems to me that the whole of society is on it’s way down the toilet..A few twats have allus been about but now it looks like every street has one, we need a Robin Hood to put things right..Any takers?


June 13, 2008

But fucking funny.


Ahhh sleep…Alarm!..Snooze..Alarm!..Snooze.

June 2, 2008

A bit of a lie in today, Well two in fact as i had to hit the snooze button twice before getting up. How good is sleep eh?

Today’s site meter readings tell me that the old factory are still visiting here on average four times a day..I still get the buzz of seeing them pop up. I hope I provide some entertainment back to them as they make me smile.

A good shift last night with minimum work coming in , Just what i needed as i was the only shop floor op in the factory , Sometimes you just get away with it eh? Mind you it was a bit tense at times but the shift came and went with no shit at all…Nice!  Message to Douggie…Get well soon mate cuz the swimming in shit is getting to be a bit of a bind.

The street theatre is still putting on it’s act , the swearing at children is on going but we have had a respite from the incessant thud of a football poundingagainst a wall for a few days…Oh and we have been short of late night banging and music for a few days unall , Though i reckon we have become attunedto it now so it becomes a part of everyday life! Shame the neighbourhood is going down hill though as i see another house up for sale just up the road from me..let’s hope we get some nice folks moving in eh? Asthree familys of ignorant folk in a small comunity like ours is three too many! Bring back those halcyon days!

Anyroad time for a shower and a bucket of tea. The lovely Mrs B is on her way home.

Have a good one most of you and take care out there cuz the stabbers are at it again !

Barnze Say’s ” Grudgesare healthy.”

Like a bad penny.

May 27, 2008

Pissing down with rain today…Mind you i don’t feel like doing much as i had a drop too much beer last night and i am a bit fuzzy today.I got a smile off my site meter today though as the old factory dropped in four times today..Allus makes me grin when they pop in. They seem to be unable to keep away and since the IT fuck up that could not happen…. but did, it gives me a warm feeling knowing they know that i know..Is that a Slade song?

A stir fry on the menu tonight so only a bit of prepping to do and we are there. Speaking of food last nights meal at the pub was good.They have done a good job of the place i reckon and i will visit again when the fancy takes.

The street theater has been good lately as it seems to be the in thing to sware at the youngsters..No wonder they grow up with no respect!!!

Anyroad it’s time for a frag fest on Quake 4 so i am off, Have a good one and stay safe out there as the knife twats are on the prowl.

A nice day out..And then!

May 11, 2008

We had a good day yesterday,A pint and a cob before going up the castle then down to the market square..all in a good one.Home to listen once again to the local street theater shouting and swaring banging about and generally being annoying. It was nice to live around here at one time but the peace is gone now..Even at midnight folks are shouting out daft names to get their stinking cats attention…Another episode to log in the diary!

A nice sunny day today so alfresco dining is on the cards , a nice bit of salad and a glass of beer is well in order and with the noisey neighbours out we might get some relaxing done without distraction.

It was good to inform the staff at the Co-Op that the plans are back on the table for the new shops.I love to poke it up them.

Anyroad i’m off for a quiet doss.Have a good one you lot and take care out there.


Cabbages and kings.

May 10, 2008

Yesterday we recieved our copy of the Clifton Local News , Some interesting stuff in there this month.Take a look at the classy Chantelle’s coments on the Tram Debate.. Nice one Chantelle you are one of Cliftons diamonds.

I see that the supermarket take over of Sun Valley is back on the planning board again..Bring it on i say we need shops not bingo halls for unemployed dossers to hang out in.

Me n the lovely Mrs B are off up to the castle today for a relaxing day.I hear there is a market on in town so we may grab a bite to eat up there whilst we are about. And a pint in the trip will be nice unall.

Anyroad time for a showers then off into town..Have a good weekend most of you!

Oh and finaly someone offered me eight legs of venison for 70 that too deer?