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Walk on by.

July 13, 2008

Well let me tell ya about our holiday eh? Well i’m posting it anyroad.. We did a shit load of walking and a shit load of different ciders i can tell ya, if you get down to somerset anytime try a drop of chedder’s top class stuff,mind you i never had a bad pint down there. we were lucky enough to start one walk on the right side of this hill and a bit of a bugger going down so i hate to think how it feels going up??

Not many steep drops like that but we got lucky i reckon.Exmoor has some lovely views but ya gotta hike for um..well worth the effort i reckon.

All of the little villages we ended up in were very friendly and the ale was spot on..Tell ya what though..After walking for 15 on miles in the hills and a few pints of cider i slept like a log.


We even made it down to Minehead..Not going there again as its a crap place to visit !! Mind you i got to play on the beach for a bit so not all that crap i suppose.

Anyroad time for my snap now so i am off.

Have a good un and take care.

Great tits.

June 4, 2008

A lovely morning..the young Great / Blue tits are wittering in the tree and the parents are in and out for food for um. A joy to watch and a surprise that we have so many survivors owing to the amount of flea ridden cats stalking about..mind you a few well placed missiles helps!

We do well with the species of wildlife we attract here at Barnze Towers..Most of it down to the lovely Mrs Bs planting and planning of the garden, Mind you not many frogs n toads this year but still time for them to make an appearance. Grunt the hedgehog has been out most evenings clearing up the slugs n snails and it is good to see him fatten up each time we see him!

Not many squirrel’s about though but they only pop in on rare occasions due to there being plenty of food about for um and the fox ain’t been seen for months???

Anyroad i’m off for a chill down there among the bird and bees..Have a good one you lot!


A bit damp.

June 3, 2008

The garden is slurping up the rain this morning.with more rain to come so it’s a few days off just kicking back for me.Well with a few domestic jobs thrown in but what the hey?

Only a few week now till we nip off on our jollys and a well deserved break for us both..Then we are on the count down for the late summer sunshine break in Tenerife…Life is good. Still in the planning stages for our August break though..I fancy a few days in the Peaks..Nice and quiet, Fantastic scenery, Good beer,Good food & even better company.

Faggots,  mash n peas on the menu tonight so the old trump muscle will be on form later..yep i know it’s puerile but i like it.

I have the privalage of master Bs company for a few days as rain has stopped play at his place of work..Just what ya need when you are trying to kick back eh? A 20 year old in ya takes me forever to understand eh ya gotta love um.

Anyroad i’m off to blow the fuck out of a few zombies..Have a good one and stay safe.

A falcon brill day.

May 26, 2008

Let me tell ya a bit about our day hunting with the hawks eh?

As we stood waiting at the arraigned spot a chap came out of the woods,introduced himself and guided us in. in less than five minutes we had gloves on and after being told how to stand to allow the birds to come to us a huge owl came out of the trees and landed on Mrs Bs hand. it was brill to see such a large bird land with grace on her fist.after a bit of of a walk through the woods we came upon the site where we were going to be based..A clearing with a table and a few perches for the birds..Then off to the falconers van to collect the birds.two Harris Hawks (Biggles and Dicky) A peregrine falcon (Jess) a Saker falcon whose name i forget, and the owl,a Bengal Eagle owl

The morning was spent getting the birds to come to our hands and learning about the history of falconry Oh and tying the falconers knot.All in a very interesting time.After lunch (With some very nice homemade soup) we took out the Harris Hawks and went out into the fields for some hunting sadly all we got was a crow with a manky wing but it was good to see the birds at work,And our dog for the day Boris did a brill job of flushing out all he could including the midges that bit the fuck out of us.

By the end of the day we were tired but well chuffed.Bad news is my camera card buggered up so i lost over a 100 pictures.Arse! All in a brilliant day out that i can recommend to anyone who likes to get amongst nature at its rawest. Go on give it a go!

Anyroad it’s time for me to bugger off and enjoy the public holiday with the lovely Mrs B , Perhaps a walk is in ouder if the weather stays nice.

Have a good one and take care out there.


Peaced out and full up.

May 19, 2008

Just got back from the pub after a pleasant walk along the Trent. Feeling full of good food and beer and relaxed after the stroll amongst the trees. The bird song down there was soothing to the mind and the gentle bubble of the river makes for a very relaxing walk.

A nice mixed grill for me and lemon and herb chicken for the lovely Mrs B went down a treat and with the excitement of Mrs B spilling her drink all over the table made for a good time. A bit of a quiet night in tonight cuz we are up early for the birds of prey in the morning. All in a nice few days spent together..Holidays just a few weeks away so all is well.

Young master B is well chuffed with his birthday prezzy and is happy with the choice of games we brought for all he has to do is get his room tidied up a bit and we all shall be chuffed..i ain’t holding my breath!

Anyroad i reckon i shall have another beer and catch up on the Avengers..Have a good one dear reader and stay safe.

A walk and a pint.

May 19, 2008

A lovely day to nip down the grove so me n the lovely Mrs B are putting on our walking boots and getting amongst it. Binoculars and camera at the ready and at the end of the walk we come out at the Wilford farm inn so a pint and a bite to eat will do us nicely i reckon.

A bit of an early start in the morning as we set off for a days has been a long time coming so we are well chuffed it has got here. do you know that we will get to eat some of the kills the birds have made…How good is that!

Anyroad we are off on our hike..Have a good one you lot and take care out there.

Ahh weekend.

May 17, 2008

I love the weekends off.Me n the lovely Mrs B had a nice morning..This afternoon we did nowt.something planned for the morning if the weather is good.A walk perhaps with a pint at the end of it?

A bit of a bumpy shift last night but at the end of it i stood outside the factory gates having a fag as dawn broke..sometimes just those simple things make it all worth while. we all wished Douggie all the best with his op and i for one will be glad to see him back in the ring.

With the falconry day only a few days away we are feeling good oh and a few more hols to book off work..We are now thinking about our winter hols, ya can’t beat a bit of a sunshine holiday away from the dark cold days of an English winter.

Anyroad i’m off for a bit of handholding with the lovely Mrs B in front of the tele.

Have a good one you lot and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Back to it..

May 13, 2008

The start of the night shifts tonight but all is well as we are off for our falconry day next week so the mood is good. Another glorious day here in Hood Town as the sun shines down and the air is warm. It always makes me feel good with a bit of sun on my back.

Our hedgehog has been coming out most nights and a good meal of slugs n snails is fattening him up well, mind you the cats are still hanging around outside our garden still.The sonic gadget works well i reckon.

Anyroad a short posting today as i am off out for some sun… Have a good one and stay safe.

Cabbages and kings.

May 10, 2008

Yesterday we recieved our copy of the Clifton Local News , Some interesting stuff in there this month.Take a look at the classy Chantelle’s coments on the Tram Debate.. Nice one Chantelle you are one of Cliftons diamonds.

I see that the supermarket take over of Sun Valley is back on the planning board again..Bring it on i say we need shops not bingo halls for unemployed dossers to hang out in.

Me n the lovely Mrs B are off up to the castle today for a relaxing day.I hear there is a market on in town so we may grab a bite to eat up there whilst we are about. And a pint in the trip will be nice unall.

Anyroad time for a showers then off into town..Have a good weekend most of you!

Oh and finaly someone offered me eight legs of venison for 70 that too deer?


May 9, 2008

Well the weather has been brill over the last few days and the factory was boiling..Mind you the air con in the office had a service yesterday and we managen to get down to a cool 17 degrees so that was good and the boss brought us a slab of coke to chill for our afternoon break so all was well.

If this heat keeps up i reckon me n the lovely Mrs B will have a belting weekend! So many more options for a day out when the sun is shining..I fancy a bit of a walk around Wollo park, Perhaps grab a meal in the wheelhouse on the way out..Or a bit of a picnic up at the castle and a pint in the trip. Spoilt for choice i reckon.

Up late today after one too many ciders last night..I forgot just how much a hangover hurts..A few cups of tea soon put me right though!

Time for me to nip up the shops so i’m off, have a good weekend you lot and take care out there.