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Help you i can.

June 13, 2008

I just had a call from Dave the belt.. I am to be his mentor during his training , Kind of comfortable what with us knowing each other and with his experiance i can’t see it being long before he is up to speed. It will be good to have him on our crew. ” Have a good holiday mate and see ya next week.”

The ruby is cooking away down in the kitchen and the whole of Barnze Towers smells great from it. We do like a curry though the aftermath leaves a bit to be desired if ya know what i mean?

The lovely Mrs B is entertaining a few of her colleagues her at Barnze Towers on Saturday night and with a bit of luck one of them will bring the next boxed set of the avengers for me..”Feel free to borrow any of my stuff mate”.

I hope that Douggie is back at the factory on Saturday what with our gaffer being off for the weekend the lucky bastard, Mind you maz is on with us so all should go well.

Anyroad i’m off to stir the curry..have a good one and take care out there.

Happy day’s.

February 29, 2008


I have just had a call from Cyberpower to say my new system will be here on monday..Bonus! I am well chuffed with that news i can tell ya.mind you i will have the task of mixing and matching my old system with young master B’s later in the week so i feel sure that we shall have fun with that.

Today i have been busy making us a ruby for dinner..It smell fantastic, though Mrs B is

taking the tasting a bit too far i reckon.

Young master B has had bad guts and the squitters the last few days and i thought i had

contracted it off him last night but i am ok today though i reckon the curry will shift owt

a bit dodgy out of my guts tonight. As my old dad used to say “All done bar the wiping”.

Anyroad i’m off for a game of online dommys.Have a good one you lot and take care.

I Won…..

August 25, 2007

The losers trophy once again is mine..Nice to come away with an award i reckon.Mr’s B get’s to keep the winners trophy till next time.

A good night bar being put on a lane next to 6 kids who lobbed their balls down the lane after walking around with them hanging off one finger and shouting as loud as they could,Oh and the bar was closed and the staff were down to only 3 so next time we go bowling we are going to the Megabowl instead..I can’t be doing with shit service…

The night improved with a home made ruby and a movie (Hot Fuzz..Not as good as Shaun of the dead by a long chalk) with M & Ms and a bottle of wine..Quality time!

Back to the factory tonight for the start of 6 shifts and it’s hot out so i just know the factory will be at level 7 of hell for a couple of nights…Would i have it any other way???

Anyroad i’m off to get some sun on my skin while i can,Have a good weekend folks and stay safe out there.

The sun set’s on a relaxing week.

July 15, 2007

Sad to say i missed the bloke falling off his boat and into the river but i caught him climbing out,Laugh ain’t the word as he tried to be casual..How the fuck do you try to be casual dragging yourself out of a river? He just carried on checking his ropes as if nothing happened..Numpty!

We had some top class meals during our trip,Scallops,Salmon,Game pie.Mind you we had a duffer at one place,Both me and Mrs B were let down by the catering at The Fishermans inn,we reckon they used a microwave oven to warm up pre made meal,It explained why the place was deserted eh…

A good brecky at the Ivy Farm dairy restaurant with the option of no black pudding (I don’t do black pud) and with a pint of tea and the best fried bread this side of the greasy lil’s in Colwick industrial park ,Oulton Broad is a top place to moor up for a couple of days i can tell ya,What with the Wherry hotel,A good Indian eaterie and the Ivy Farm place you are never short of a good meal,And a ten min trip takes you to the fishing port of Lowestoft for some excellent sea food and a few games in the amusement arcades.

All in a fantastic week,with some great sunsets right outside of our back door.

Anyroad it’s back to the factory for me tonight so i gotta get my kit ready for the start of 5 night shifts eh,I must say i ain’t missed the place!

Have a good one dear reader and take care.

Adding insult to injury….

May 30, 2007

Well it has been a tough week i can tell ya…I got my arse kicked at bowling,I got man flu and felt as rough as fuck,and the working week has been a bastard but i made it!!

I had a call from my tribunal man with an insulting offer to call the tribunal off,not happy with that so No Deal,Then another offer insulting me even more so No Deal,Now we are only a few days away from the day in court and i am well looking forward to it!

Barnze says “We all have a price”!

Mrs B has the same flu like symptoms as me and the added bonus of an aching tooth so we have both been sleeping badly this week and are both well ready for a week on the boat kicking back n doing as little as poss for a bit,Only a few weeks till that comes around ! It never fails to recharge the body batteries does a week on the water,Mind you for a full recharge a week in the cottage in the peaks really does ya some good so i reckon we will be off up there soon un all.

The end of my last shift was lifted yesterday with a call from Mrs B saying she would be meeting me in the Bell for a swift one before going home,Always a good way to end the working week i reckon!

Anyroad i’m off for a brew,Have a good one those of you with good intent,The rest of you can fuck off!

The piano stopped and every one looked around.

April 8, 2007

Well the Manor Indian still ain’t got any chilled rose wine and the place was empty making the dining experience an odd one,Don’t get me wrong the food is good but i can’t see the place staying open for long,perhaps they make it pay with takeaways cuz they ain’t doing well as a restaurant, Shame really what with it being 5 mins down the road.

We nipped into the bar of the Manor for a half before going next door for our snap, The place was just about empty,a few chavs in uniform and a couple of poorly dressed kids ran about the place and a bloke with a massive German Shepard dog on a length of industrial strength chain commanded the center of the room so we stuck to the edge and drank as fast as we could while keeping decorum,One of those “what the fuck am i doing here” moments. Cue the banjo..

It brings to mind the old adage ” You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear”!

Mrs B is out in the garden planting some new stuff and i must say the whole garden is looking good,plenty of wildlife buzzing about out there now that most of the plants are kicking into life. I am well looking forward to the warmer evenings so we can sit out there and enjoy it to the max.

No sign of any easter eggs here at Barnze Towers as we don’t have any gods,Mind you that don’t stop us liking a bit of chocolate,Though what god has to do with buns,rabbits n chockys i don’t know? I never the whole book!

Back at the factory tonight for the last of the overtime then off till Thursdays start of the day shifts,I have fitted in well with the new work and am finding it a good place to be,plenty of action and not many restraints to stop us performing at above 100%,Plenty of respect and backing from the gaffers makes me feel that my skills are appreciated,The bosses even gave us some easter treats,i like that idea..

Anyroad i got stuff to do now so i’m getting out of here,i hope your weekend was a good one and for those of you with a god i hope your easter went well.Praise the lord and pass the chocolate bunny.

Take care.

Are we having fun yet?

April 7, 2007

Well i was so tired this morning after the night shift i went straight to bed,Plenty of action last night and we were kept busy all shift so i was well ready for a kip i can tell ya.

Off out down the Manor Indian tonight for a ruby and a few beers and as it’s just a few mins walk from Barnze Towers a nice walk back through the avenue of trees before settling down in front of the tele seems well in order.Good food,good wine,good company. All i need now is a song to sing in the morning.

I have another night shift on Sunday (Overtime to help out with staffing) then a few days off to kick back n chill,Oh and of course there is “Amore ” on Tuesday so it looks like a good few days coming up eh?

Anyroad it’s time for me to slip into my dhuti and get out there for some snap.

Enjoy your weekend folks and stay safe. Mind ya backs…


March 9, 2007

Tell ya what up at the shops it must be “get in the way of folks with those fucking mobility scooter things day” fuck me there were loads of um about today,And what with a kid having a benny on the floor of the flower shop i was glad to get away.

I had a call from the lovely Mrs B earlier telling me she is having a shit day at the office what with staff being off n that so i have a nice bunch of flowers and a hug waiting for her when she gets home.Don’t ya just hate those days when the fan is so full of shit it stops moving?

The ruby smells real good and of course tastes great,one of the good things about cooking a curry is the taste as ya go. Young master B has nipped into town so i am gunna watch a couple of episodes of “The adventures of Robin Hood” while the ruby bubbles away.

Have a good weekend you lot.

Stay safe.

Having a day off..

March 9, 2007

Well the appeal meeting came and went much like the investigation and disciplinary meetings did,same questions same answers now i have to wait for the company’s final decision..That could take 10 days so back to the jobcenter for me.

So today i am having a day off from all the shit and paper work and just doing fuck all,Young master B is also off today so me n him are gunna doss about all day!

I had a good chat with Flank last night and as he is turning out for the bowling on Sunday i shall catch up with some more of his tales from the jungle and if i’m lucky a quick burst of Albert & the lion..Does a good monologue does Flank!

A nice ruby for dinner tonight and a few wines to ease us into the weekend…Nice!

Anyroad i’m off to etch our door numbers into the new recycling bins the council have dropped off,sometimes the excitement gets me all in a spin.

Have a good one and stay safe.

Ahh the sunday dinner.

February 11, 2007


There’s nowt like the smell you get from the kitchen on a sunday morning as the roast beef is cooking away i reckon,well there is the smell of the full English cooking (No black pudding) and of course the aroma of a curry is fantastic,Let’s just say that food cooking smells good n leave it at that eh?

It’s been a good few days while we have been off together but that has come to an end all to soon,mind you we do have a night at the theatre booked in April so not long before we get another hand holding session,Ahh that’s amore.

The cat population around Barnze Towers has grown as we have two new cats shitting in our garden now,Mind you a few paint balls will shift um i reckon,Dirty fucking things they are,Why do folks take um as pets then allow um to shit all over the place is beyond me !!!!

Anyroad i’m off to watch a few episodes of The adventures of Robin Hood   and bathe in the roasting meat fumes,Have a good one and stay safe.