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Smell the noodles.

February 10, 2007


Well last night was a good one i must say,it was snowing like billy o as we left Barnze Towers but by the time we got to town it had turned to sleet,The Big Wok is a lot like a works canteen when it comes to seating but the food was top class,The shusi was excellent and the hot n sour soup brill, between us we tasted about thirty different items and the only one i did not like were the tempura prawns cooked in their shells (I dont do prawn shells) but on the whole a good meal for a tenner a piece,we will be back  but not regular!

It’s good to see a bit of life in what was the old Co-Op building   on the edge of town as that end is getting a lot of eateries opening up and could well become a good place to be.Gun men and junkies permitting that is!

Anyroad we are off up the shops for tonights meal,Have a good weekend dear reader and Stay Safe.

Not mulled thanks…

January 28, 2007

Last nights meal at the “Indian resturant at the man of the trent”,Known in these parts as “The Mana” was ok,it is in what was once the skittle alley of the pub,the decor is good though the chairs are a bit naff! Would have been good to have a game of skittles i reckon.

 When we got there just after 6 there was one other couple in there so all quiet,no wine list was offered so we orderded a bottle of rose,this arrived very warm and as the waiter had poured the glasses before we had tried it we took one sip and had to send it back (The bottle was hot,as if it had been under those heating lamps) and requested a chilled bottle but the waiter said that there were none???So  two pints of cider was ordered (we also had the warm glasses of wine left for us) the cider was spot on.

We had the poppadoms n pickles to start and i went for the garlic chilli chicken with chips (I don’t do rice) & Mrs B went for the chicken achari with pilau rice,Bit of a delay between courses but that was ok and the mains arrived hot and fragrant,Mine was top class plenty of chicken and the sauce was brill,Mrs be had the same amount of meat with hers so we both enjoyed the meal,With a few more folks in by the time we were eating our mains a bit of a buzz was happening so i imagine it would have a good atmosphere when it is full.

Apart from the wine fuck up it was well worth the 30 quid for both our meals,I hope they sort out a wine list for our next visit(and we will go back) and perhaps a few more of the special dishes to choose from but all in not a bad night out! Oh and it’s a non smoking place and that’s a good thing i reckon even as a smoker i found it ok,Not quite a Barnzeum winner though the service was good the hot wine let it down a bit & a candle wouldn’t go a miss as the little box with plastic flowers was a bit of a waste of time,Still don’t let that put you off if you live local as for our first resturant it’s not too bad!

Ahh and of course this morning the ring sting kicked in,a byproduct of the ruby intake!

A good night out though we drew a line at nipping next door for another pint,mabey next time.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend folks,i’m off to get ready for the night shift at the factory.

And so say all of us.

January 19, 2007

What a change in the weather today,Sun shine,a bit cool but a nice day, a nice winters morning to end my days off on.

Tonite i am meeting Mrs B from the office as it is someones leaving do, so a few beers then off for some snap is in order, mind you i am up at 5am in the morning as i start the day shifts at the factory. So i dont think we will be clubbing!

A right tatar last night as Mrs B tried to get home,loads of roads closed due to the storms we had, what with trees ripped up and a large metal sign hanging off the Broad marsh shopping centre it was chaos,trains delayed,busses delayed the whole transport failed for a few hours! Now that’s what ya call a bit of wind!!!

Bad news for shoppers here in Clifton as one of the supermarkets shops goes belly up driving the shopper to the C0-Op only to be disappointed by the shit service and lack of products there! we are in need of a proper supermarket here as our choice is now limited to frozen food shops and the fucking Co-Op,Bring back Farrands that’s what i say! Farrands was a supermarket we had when i was a kid (Not all that long ago,before ya start) that was before frozen crap and the fucking Co-Op stitched the market up!

Today is the day that the trollop who gave me the finger at work leaves the country for good,back to South Africa she goes and good riddence to a bad piece of shit..loads of crap came my way after i informed the guvners about her i can tell ya.good to see the back of her. And on that note i am giving the Co-Op another stephanieum!

I hope i never see that cunt again,never have i hated someone as much as her the bone idle jumped up bag of shit faced bitch whom death is too good for but a life time of pain would be good! Ahhhhh that’s better!

Anyroad i’m off for a shave n a shower,Have a good weekend you lucky people, Take care and stay safe.

Trophy retained.

January 12, 2007


Another brill night out last night,I won two out of three frames and kept the trophy,Then after a challenge to a game of pool i won that unall,Leaving me the champ yet again,I don’t like to gloat though…..

After the thrashing that Mrs B took i thought it only best we nipped up the road to the Red Hot Buffet Shack for a meal and a bottle of wine,a nice quiet time spent in there with a good crowd of folks,Then home for a night cap and early to bed.When your a winner you sleep well!

Can’t forget the feet pic now can i?

Have a good one folks what with the weekend looming and me on the night shift this stint,You have a good time and stay safe out there.

Ring sting is good for ya.

January 11, 2007


Yesterday i said that a pub near me has turned into an Indian resturant,Today i read that Curry is good for you now that’s good news i reckon,If we all start eating Greek,Spanish,Italian & Indian food we will live for ever,That’s if the dark matter don’t kill us of course.Mind you i know a bloke who eats a yorkshire pudding and a bag of scratchings a day and he is 84!

Me n Mrs B are off out bowling tonight,I am looking to keep up the running score of three nil though i have been a bit poorly i reckon i will be taking home the trophy again,Mind you i am prepared to take a pasting from anyone better than myself,Not that it happens very often!

We might even get a ruby up on Hockley if the mood takes us, young Master B and his girlfriend knocked back the invite to a thrashing again,i can’t blame him realy not wanting to get his arse kicked on the lanes by his old dad,wise move young jedi!

Anyroad i’m off to munch on a chillie,Have a good one and Stay Safe

Twat or what?

January 10, 2007

Check this idiot out…Sometimes ya just can’t work folks out? Still it put a smile on my juff!

We just had a take away menu popped through our letter box,nowt odd about that untill i read that it’s from what was once a pub now an Indian resturant,just down the road it is so me n Mrs B will be nipping down in the near future to have a meal in there, No loss of the pub though as it was crap. Ya can’t beat a good ruby.

Have a good one.