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Seven days to go…

May 31, 2007

Only seven days till i get to put my case for unfair dismissal to the employment tribunal and i am feeling confident that justice will be done, mind you winning the case don’t make up for the stress and shit i had to go through but at least they will be admitting guilt and i will get my good character restored,The ACAS people have been negotiating with the company that unfairly dismissed me to get some sort of settlement to drop the case but the offers have been insulting to say the least, i suppose i was lucky to find employment as quick as i did after a month of shit and having “Dismissed ” for the first time in over 15 years of doing this job ( With some top class references i must add) on my record ain’t what i call nice.

So the countdown begins to me getting my good name,respect & integrity restored & lets face it, it is my good fortune to have found employment so the time i was unemployed should not be taken into account when any offer of recompense is made but the company have come nowhere near to making good their mistake,It kind of makes me think that they ain’t taking the whole thing as serious as i am!

That month i was out of work was one of the worst months in one of the worst years i have lived through what with all the stress of losing both mine & Mrs B’s dads then the shit last November topped off with getting the sack was a lot to cope with,not that the company was a caring bunch at the best of times ,Anyroad another insulting offer today and another decline from me,i have informed my man of the ammount i will settle at and a reasonable sum it is in my view,so hopefully the messing about will stop and we can ether settle or meet up at the tribunal to hammer it out.

I had kind of put the whole thing out of my mind for a few weeks but now that things are getting nearer to getting sorted i can feel the bitterness i felt at the time creeping back so i will be well chuffed to see the back of the whole thing as i suppose the company will,not a good time on both sides i reckon.

Anyroad i am looking forward to getting the whole fucking mess sorted and to get on with my new job without having this shit around anymore.

Barnze says “Put things right”

Have a good one.

From gas to mig.And the world at my feet

March 18, 2007

Firefox is playing up today and i keep losing comms so back to the explorer to see if the pc system has a problem,It’s never been right since i has the new drive fitted,I reckon i shall have to get it looked at.Fucking things can know how to piss ya off eh?

I had an interview at another factory on Thursday and the gaffer there seemed to be impressed with my experience,professionalism and personality and offered me the job on the spot, so i am just waiting on the paper work before i start work again. A bit different to the old factory and some new tech stuff to train on but it looks good,i even get a couple of bob pay rise though the shift pattern is different it still gives me time to pursue my pastimes so things are on the up!I must say i am looking forward to new challenges,and the crew there seem to be a good bunch,work hard play hard they say,Now that’s my sort of thing!

More on that as i get stuck into it. I reckon there will be some tales to come from this new venture!

Anyroad now those of you who have given me support over the last few days can raise a glass to me and share in the happiness,Those of you who wanted me to crash n burncan kiss my fucking arse,You know who you are and what category you fall into,Some good advice and support during my back stabbing session(Remember last Octobers farce?) and i appreciate it,mind you this place has taken some hits from the other side unall,i suppose they come to see what i’m saying about them…Not much to satisfy them here so it makes me smile knowing that i have a few readers whose heads should hang in shame knowing they have done me wrong,you never know when you may think you have seen yourself on here eh you cunts!

Anyroad as i am on a high i’m off to the pub for a couple of pints. Fly high folks!

Cheers all!