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Are you looking at my bird?

July 21, 2008

This morning must have been a bumper bug day in our garden as we were visited by a crowd of birds in a feeding frenzy, it is good to see the long tailed tits back again as they are becoming regular visitors here. We are noticing the numbers rising as less and less of those flea ridden moggies enter the garden so i am well chuffed about that. I hate cats!

Kind of a salad feel to today so i am off up the shops for a bunch of veggies and some crusty bread later, hey there might even be some news on the new retailer..Then again maybe not as i was talking to one of the staff up at the Co-Op the other day and was told that they (The staff) would be told next week..All this excitement is killing me.

Anyroad i’m off to watch the tits for a bit. Have a good one and take care out there.

Getting away with murder?

July 2, 2008

I’ve shit um.

May 31, 2008

Well that was a shift and a half i can tell ya.. Talk about carrying the load..The sooner my mate gets back the better i say. The bag of bollocks replacement they flew in to assist was no more use than a chocolate fireguard..Fuck me just when ya need the back up the system falls flat eh?

Mind you half the week done and apart from the stabbing pains things can only get better. A full crew tonight so a smooth one i hope then back to me n the numpty on Sunday night!

A lovely morning to come home in today. The sun was bright and warm so i opened up the patio doors to enjoy some of the freshness only to witness that filthy black cat kill a blue tit on the garage roof. Why the fuck do folks keep such vermin in their houses i shall never know..

Anyroad it’s time for me to get sorted for another stint. Enjoy the rest of the weekend those of you lucky enough to be off work. Take care.

I remember you.

May 16, 2008

Odd that i never heard from my old employer anything about the IT fuck up that happenedlately..i was expecting a letter of apology for the unfair,unjust and underhand way they fired me.. I still hold a grudge!

They have my number if they want to give me a bell. Not that they will. but i do get a daily bit of pleasure seeing them pop up on my site meter. Nice of um to show some interest.



Absolute hatstand.

May 15, 2008

Another mental shift last night and by 2 am we were all well chuffed to see the back end of the work going out. Mind you we did get a good view of the fire across the way from us..thank fuck the smoke never came our way..That’s all ya need after a hard shift. I suppose the firemen will be crowing about the first bit of work they have had to do this year.. Perhaps another strike for 40 grand a year is looming now they have had to get out of bed and do a bit!

I had a bastard of a migraine last night but managed it with a fist full of pain killers, and once the flashing had gone away i plodded on with a belting head ache, an aching neck and a taste like i had an old copper penny stuck in the back of my throat.. Those of you unlucky enough to suffer these things will know just how much pain they cause. Still a bit groggy from it now over 12 hours later..More pills i reckon.

Only two shifts to go this week so the days off are on their way.Mrs B is out for a beer or two with her colleagues on Friday whilst i shall be having a cup of char with mine..Somethings just ain’t right eh?

Yesterday was the beginning of ” Be Nice To Nettles Week ” now that’s a good week for us as we have a small Nettle patch for the caterpillars and butterflys to feed on and lay their  eggs on cuz we do like to promote nature, unlike cat owners who allow their filthy beasts to shit in other folks gardens and kill anything the stinking flea ridden bastards can jump on!

I wonder if anyone in my neighbourhood is going to enjoy ” Noise Action Week ‘ next’s all about spec init?

Anyroad i am off for some medication and a brew..Have a good one, the weekend is on it’s way!


Back to it..

May 13, 2008

The start of the night shifts tonight but all is well as we are off for our falconry day next week so the mood is good. Another glorious day here in Hood Town as the sun shines down and the air is warm. It always makes me feel good with a bit of sun on my back.

Our hedgehog has been coming out most nights and a good meal of slugs n snails is fattening him up well, mind you the cats are still hanging around outside our garden still.The sonic gadget works well i reckon.

Anyroad a short posting today as i am off out for some sun… Have a good one and stay safe.

Another dirty stinking cat..

April 18, 2008

I caught another cat crapping on my garden today & managed to hit it with a carrot.That’s the black one and the ginger one hit this week!!!! Time to fill the pond i reckon.

Back to the factory in the morning..I hate weekends at work..Mind you next month is weekends off so swings n roundabouts eh?

Some shit news as an 88 year old woman was attacked here in Hood Town..Some fuckers have no shame! I suppose if they get caught they will get a telling off..Too fucking soft nowadays!

Anyroad time to get the chops on the grill ready for the lovely Mrs B. Have a good weekend most of you & take care.


Last hurdle of the week.

April 14, 2008

The last shift of the week and all has been well so far (Te ,do.) & i am well looking forwar to some down time.

That is all.

No words.

April 9, 2008

Sienta el calor

April 1, 2008

Well after a bit of interweb searching we have settled on Tenerife for our late summer holiday spot,Nice n warm..We have been there before a few years ago so we are hoping that a few eateries we visited then are still trading. Oh and the medieval feast trip was good so we may go back for another bash at that.. So that’s the sun tan sorted!

I managed to catch a cat crapping on the patio today & bowled a bottle opener at it’s arse (The nearest thing to hand) and laughed like hell when it jumped about 3 foot in the air..Dirty ginger bastard!

Anyroad it’s time for a bacon sarnie and a mug of tea so i’m off..have a good one most of you. Keith can kiss my arse!