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Exit stage left!

November 18, 2008

The street theatre was performing again last night as pissed up twats shouted and fell into the hedges of us normal folk..How come people get so pissed they have to shout at each other from a foot away?

To top it off nextdoor to us had some cavity wall insulation installed today and the noise of it woke me early so a rough night and an early morning did nowt for my mood.

Not a bad day though today and my mood lifted once i got to the shops,A bit of a stir fry tonight so not much prepping to do untill it’s time to cook.And to lift my spirits even more i managed to lob my slipper at that big fat ginger cat hitting it’s arse as it buggered off out of the garden..Nice!

Anyroad i’m off for a fistfull of fags and a bucket of tea.Have a good one and stay safe out there.

last un. Cheers team.

August 4, 2008

What a shift last the gaffer was having a few glasses of wine with his young lady (On a well deserved break) i was charge.Ahh the power..Anyroad we were down two only two bods on the shop floor untill midnight when the work was backlogging. a bit of phoning around by me gets us an extra pair of hands..nice.. the team mopped up the backlog and had time for a cool drink and a fag in the gardens before knock off. Being the gaffer was ok but give me the hands on work anyday!

Dave the belt is off tonight,the gaffer is back after his weekend off leaving me n Douggie on the shop probs as we work well under pressure..mind you that’s not saying we will won’t be happy to see 7 am come around quick i can tell ya.

Time for me to get sorted for tonight’s shift so i am off ,Enjoy ya working week you lot. I gunna be doing bugger all for a few days.

Barnze say’s ” Cheers for dropping in Pete.” It made my day,


Ahh weekend.

May 17, 2008

I love the weekends off.Me n the lovely Mrs B had a nice morning..This afternoon we did nowt.something planned for the morning if the weather is good.A walk perhaps with a pint at the end of it?

A bit of a bumpy shift last night but at the end of it i stood outside the factory gates having a fag as dawn broke..sometimes just those simple things make it all worth while. we all wished Douggie all the best with his op and i for one will be glad to see him back in the ring.

With the falconry day only a few days away we are feeling good oh and a few more hols to book off work..We are now thinking about our winter hols, ya can’t beat a bit of a sunshine holiday away from the dark cold days of an English winter.

Anyroad i’m off for a bit of handholding with the lovely Mrs B in front of the tele.

Have a good one you lot and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Well well would ya belive it?

April 23, 2008

It seems that the IT system that could not go wrong and cost me my job at the old factory and casting a shadow on my good name has gone wrong again ( Or should i say gone wrong for the first time)..It makes me smile to know that somewhere in the old place there will be a couple of red faces knowing they did me wrong..Yes i do bear a grudge as i recall the word ‘Malicious ” being mentioned during my tribunal..Mind you i feel sure that folks at the old place will be smiling to themselves as most of them knew i was Innocent of all charges…Hey ya never know i might even get a letter of apology before i even get time to set in motion a  claim  under Section 2 of the Defamation Act of 1966..Interesting times ahead!

As for the working week things have been up and down so i am well glad to see the back of this one. We are having a new fence fitted with some anti cat features and we now have a sonic cat repeller in the garden so we are hoping those mesures will keep out the flea ridden moggies..

Me n the Lovely Mrs B are off for some bowling during this period of time off and we are taking in a day out at Attenborough Nature Reserve so all is well for the relaxing time.

Anyroad it’s time for a bucket of tea and a fist full of fags so i am off..Have a good one you lot and remember every dog has his day eh?

Barnze say’s” Enjoy St George’s Day”.

Blood, sweat n tears..

August 29, 2007

Yet another hot sweaty shift last night at the factory but after all said & done we managed to keep the shop floor moving at a steady pace with all the work in & out and another great effort from the team,My hand is now flexible again so i am well chuffed about that and with only 2 shifts to do before my 6 off i am hoping for a lull in the work just to give us time to get our breath back!
Roll on Friday…I need a beer!

September is only a couple of days away and that brings good times closer,allus good to have something in the future to push you on i reckon! Bring on the sun,surf and sangria i say!

Anyroad i am off for a bucket of tea and a fist full of fags..Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Well shod.

August 8, 2007

Yet another full on shift last night as the work rolls in the sweat rolls off…Only 2 shifts to do before my 6 off comes around again…That beer looks colder by the day….

I see the local scrotes have taken to robbery now as they attack the staff at a Co-Op nicking some fags..What do you expect un to nick? The veg is shite and the choice of groceries piss poor in there..Mind you any sort of customer is a bonus for um eh?

The lovely Mrs B has a couple of days off next week so some extended quality time is on the cards,I even get a lunch out on the town on Monday,How good is that eh? Oh i was right about the shopping for the holiday (Roll on September) as another pair of shoes were purchased the other day!!! Ya can never have enough pairs i say!

Typing about shoes brings to mind this item about the mounted police being in financial shit,Sell the fucking horses and buy some walking shoes for the beat bobby (If we still have beat plods nowadays) for fucks sake we don’t need cowboy coppers trotting about on horses these day,we need APC,s and water cannons.

Anyroad i’m off to water the horses and muck out the pigs….

Have a good one dear reader the weekend is on it’s way.

Oh before i go take a look at this evil posting from Jinks…Spooky or what?

Latin thought of the week.

July 2, 2007

Animadvertistine, ubicumque stes, fumum recta in faciem ferri?

The smoking sausage!

June 8, 2007

Me n the lovely Mrs B popped into Bunter’s cafe on Parliament street yesterday,Now when i worked just up the road from it a few years back i was a regular visitor for one of their sausage cobs,So nipping in yesterday for a Full English was a flash back,A top class brecky and the sausages are still some of the best to be had in a greasy Lil’s anywhere. Sad thing is what will happen to it after the smoking ban comes on line?? The place is just built for a brecky and a couple of fags i reckon.

Makes me wonder where all the blokes in hi viz vests will get there snap after the ban kicks in ?

Anyroad i’m off for a fag..

Fags in the cafe…

May 15, 2007

Whats a full English like without a fag after?

We will soon find out. When the fag Nazis get stuck into it.

Barnze say’s “Spark one up”.

Spark one up while ya got time.

May 13, 2007

Get one down ya.