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Oh well

December 24, 2009

A good nite out last night and we all enjoyed ourselves…You always get a good meal at Antalya’s . a pint to round off the night then home to the warm. Down hill today. Ya can’t have it good all the time.

I know its the season of goodwill to all but some out there can kiss my arse.

Anyroad i’m off to bang my head against the wall,Have a good crimbo most of you.

Still alive..Just!

October 28, 2009

Still poorly,it’s been ages now and no sign of it going away,Mind you i slept like a log last night for the first time in weeks,I am taking it easy this week just catching up on sleep and keeping snug n warm.

Just back from the tattoists and am well chuffed with the knight,I will post photos when it has healed.Poor Douggie still has another session on his back so he is still not done,maybe next week mate..

I have a few days off now so plenty of time to rest up and try to shake this cold off,hot lemon drinks and losds of tele will sort it.

Anyroad i’m off to sort the dinner out,Have a good one and take care.

One more sleep…

September 8, 2009

Off in the morning to the sun,fun and frolicks in Majorca, seems to have been a long wait but it’s here.. All is ready to grab n go.Don’t miss me too much as i am taking my ipod and there may be some wireless interweb access to be had.

Nowt else to say except Hasta la vista……….Have a good one.

As black as Dicks hatband…

July 29, 2008

Well the rain has arrived and it is cooling the air a bit..perhaps a better sleep tonight?

Just got back from the Co-Op and the staff told me the deal with Tesco has gone tits up and the shop is remaining with the Co-Op…bastard! Sometimes things just don’t go to plan eh? The gutted feeling reminds me of the cunts at the old factory! I hope the reprieve ain’t for too long!

And the rain has stopped.. Fuck me if the whole day is a bag of bollocks!

Close but no cigar eh?

Well bugger me.

April 10, 2008

We had a letter from the council this morning telling us our drains are shit shirlock! oh & it’s down to us to get um fixed..well let me tell them that from our end (The start of the sewer) to the house three doors up the pipes have been jetted 5 times this fucking year ya fucking numpty’s..Both the council and Severn trent are off this planet!!! Mind you the letter did state that the blockage is further up the line but it’s no good telling me that just get it sorted!!

On the good news side we saw grunt the hedgehog the other night as he must have just woken from hibernation. He looked fit and well fat so that’s good to see.

The bowling night with the Go lightlys was canceled due to sickness amongst the team so another time to be sorted,it gets harder as we all work oppasite shifts nowadays. I reckon there is loads of goss from the old factory to catch up on and an e-mail just don’t cut it!

Anyroad it’s time i boned the fish for tonights meal (Oo Errr Misses) so i’m off.Have a good one you lot and stay safe.

Midweek madness.

March 28, 2008

The street theatre kicked off last night, poor Mrs B did not get to sleep till well after 2am & i suppose it would have been worse for neighbours living closer to the epicentre of the music and door banging, The disturbance diary goes off to the council later today so that will make a good read for um on Monday.

I suppose with Summer just around the corner things are gunna get worse before it get’s better! Some folks just get fuelled up with too much ale and we all have to share in their domestic shit! Let’s hope they sober up and get a bit of spec init!

Plans still ongoing on the late Summer holiday venue so i am still in the dark on where we will be going..Crete was mentioned last night & i must say i do like the Greek people so any Greek isle will do me, The snap is good the wine is good but Greek music leaves me cold, a bit like bagpipe music does.. I hate bagpipes! Oh no!!!! What if the street theatre troupe start playing bagpipes??? That would force my hand hand i can tell ya!

Anyroad time for a shave n a shower in prep for tonight’s shift ..Have a good one you lot and let’s hope your neighbours let you sleep well eh?

Not much comfort for Mrs B but today i slept well!

Can you smell smoke?

March 14, 2008

One of our nutty neighbours has got a fire burning in their back garden..Nice one you twats..fires after 7 and now we have smoke as well as sewerage all over..

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a woman?

February 23, 2008

The lovely Mrs B is going crazy stuck at home all day even though we do get out for a bit of a walk she is still getting fed up…Perhaps a bit of basket weaving is in order eh?

 Back to the factory tonight for me after a good stint off, though i am looking froward to the next bunch of days off, it has been a bit odd being off together but not being able do do stuff or go places.. let’s hope recovery goes well eh?

The new PC can’t get here quick enough i can tell ya as i am getting well pissed off  with this system..Mind you i hate having to set systems up to opperating standards, All that mucking about just to get firewalls/antivirus,spyware shit in place is a ball ache!

Anyroad i’m off to get a shower n a shave in prep for my shift,Have a good one you lot

and take care out there.