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A ticket to hell..

November 28, 2007

Arrrhhhh bless um!

Let us pray to the gods of love..

August 3, 2007

Though i don’t have a belief in a god i must say that the religious world has some good ones..This is Parvati the Indian goddess of love i have a lot of time for the love gods i can tell ya..Shame the christians only have one god when you could have a shit load of um eh? Anyroad i have been looking around the interweb at the many different gods on offer and i reckon if i pick a few from different cultures i should get some response from one or two eh?Mind you Parvati’s son Ganesh looks a bit odd after getting his head chopped off and having an elephants put in place..These gods can be nasty bastards so i reckon i better not take the piss eh?

Off out for a meal in town with the lovely Mrs B..I think we are going French but that could change but anywhere is a good place in the company of Mrs B. Aint love grand…

Anyroad time for me to get the washing out to’s a good day to air ya smalls…

Have a good one and stay safe out there. And thank the gods of love for their work.