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One more sleep…

September 8, 2009

Off in the morning to the sun,fun and frolicks in Majorca, seems to have been a long wait but it’s here.. All is ready to grab n go.Don’t miss me too much as i am taking my ipod and there may be some wireless interweb access to be had.

Nowt else to say except Hasta la vista……….Have a good one.

Busy doin nowt.

September 3, 2009

Outside caterers in tonight.Chinese i reckon..Ya can beat sweet n sour chicken balls..Mind you by the size of the balls the cock must be big eh?

Managed to my my hair cut today after listening to a small boy cry and whinge all through hi trim…What is wrong with folks eh?

Time to pack the cases and get all the shit sorted ready for the hols..Audiobooks loaded on the ipod so i am sorted.

I wanted to nip into the tattooists today as i passed..Only a few weeks now untill i am back under the gun.Bring it on.

Anyroad i gotta get shit done so i am off,take care.

Back to the floor.

June 13, 2009

Not a bad week for me at the factory,busy on the shop floor and i reckon i did a good job of steering the ship so all went well, Our gaffer is back next week and after those shifts me n the lovely Mrs B will be off on our jollys.


Here is another pic of the last tattoo,it just don’t give it justice but i reckon its a belter, i have been chomping at the bit to get the rest done and after the hols i will be booking some full days of work on my back,mind you i reckon that the pain will be a bit more intense than just an hours session but i just want to get the whole piece done as soon as i can,Mmmmm a full body job???

I have come to the end of The Dark Towerseries of audio books, A brill read/listen i can recommend um. i am about to start on Tad Williams “Otherland” series..They will see me through some serious sun lounger time i reckon.

Anyroad i reckon its time i caught up on a bit of Crysis so i’m off to frag a few foes. Have a good weekend you lot.

Drill or pliers?

May 7, 2009

An appointment with the dentist today, i have put it off twice since Feb but they phoned me yesterday to remind me ( Nice of um!) anyroad after a few mins in the seat i was away, only to get a call from them to say i had buggered off without paying, ha ya bastards! Bad news is i gotta go back tomorrow afternoon so an early finish to my first day shift and a jump up and down from the boss…Hey it’s gotta be done!

Another cat shooting here in Hood Town and some funny comments of the local papers website, Seems i am not the only one who hates cats!

Not a bad week coming up what with a few pints after the last shift then me n the Lovely Mrs B are off shopping on Friday for a few bits for the holiday, it wont be long now..

Anyroad i’m off for a brew and an hour on the patio,a nice day so a bit of time in the sun with an Audiobook is in order. Have a good weekend and don’t be fooled eh!

Fasten your seatbelts..

February 25, 2009

Just a few hours to go till we touch down in Lanzarote,I can almost feel the sun on my back as i type this.i wonder if the complex has wireless interweb access? that would be good for the old Ipod,Checking mail and the odd posting up to here eh?

A bit to do today what with meeting up with me old mucker Douggie and making sure the factor 15 is packed and ready to go so i’m off, Catch up with you lot later eh..Take care and spare a thought for me chillin in the sun eh?

Mission complete

January 12, 2009

Another working week done and with
an extra three days off things are looking good. More later as this posting is from the pod and is eating time. Have a good un.

Remember when..

January 5, 2009

I have just downloaded a shit load of old time radio plays..some good stuff to be had for free i can tell ya.Most of it from here but i found um all over the interweb. Being a bit too young to catch um first time round i reckon i am in for some good listening, i even got the Orson Welles War Of The Worlds…How good is that?

Now i have a few hours of audio books to keep me entertained whilst i am dossing on a sun bed on the winter holiday, And all for free!

I am not too  well at the moment as i reckon i have a dose of whatever is snookering the rest of the country,Kind of flu like with added aches and pains. I suppose i can’t moan cuz i have got away with it for so long i was beginning to think i was immune to it. how wrong could i be?

Anyroad i am off to search the interweb for some more old radio shows, anyone know where i can get the Goon Show?

Have a good one.

Busy times.

December 23, 2008

Not much time to post over the last few days as i have had loads to do but that is done now..we nipped up to the Ferry on Saturday for a meal…good news was the venison was on and spot on unall, A bit under done for me but it was good, mind you it was a shame to see the place empty at about half 7..I reckon the credit crunch has hit um hard!

The crimbo working week starts tonight and we are expecting plenty of work in to keep us busy,As per normal we are a man down on our crew again so a bit of a bastard there.

The transfering of my CDs to the pod is getting boring now, though i am now as fast as fuck at it now!

Anyroad i am off for a fist full of fags and a brew. Have a good Crimbo you lot n look after your loved ones.


December 9, 2008

Still finding new stuff on the pod and i just cant suss out how i managed without it..Life before the pod was it just got better.

A good first two shifts at the factory and what with a rostering fuck up giving me two extra bods on Sunday things are going well,The last bit of Crimbo shopping to be done this weekend and i will be set for the festive season.

Good news from across the water as Ken the Bubble is coming over from Kefelonia to visit his family so i reckon there will be time to catch up with him for a few beers and perhaps he can kick our arses on the bowling lanes again.See ya soon mate.

Antroad i gotta get a shower before the next shift so i”m off, Have a good un and take care out there.