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From gas to mig.And the world at my feet

March 18, 2007

Firefox is playing up today and i keep losing comms so back to the explorer to see if the pc system has a problem,It’s never been right since i has the new drive fitted,I reckon i shall have to get it looked at.Fucking things can know how to piss ya off eh?

I had an interview at another factory on Thursday and the gaffer there seemed to be impressed with my experience,professionalism and personality and offered me the job on the spot, so i am just waiting on the paper work before i start work again. A bit different to the old factory and some new tech stuff to train on but it looks good,i even get a couple of bob pay rise though the shift pattern is different it still gives me time to pursue my pastimes so things are on the up!I must say i am looking forward to new challenges,and the crew there seem to be a good bunch,work hard play hard they say,Now that’s my sort of thing!

More on that as i get stuck into it. I reckon there will be some tales to come from this new venture!

Anyroad now those of you who have given me support over the last few days can raise a glass to me and share in the happiness,Those of you who wanted me to crash n burncan kiss my fucking arse,You know who you are and what category you fall into,Some good advice and support during my back stabbing session(Remember last Octobers farce?) and i appreciate it,mind you this place has taken some hits from the other side unall,i suppose they come to see what i’m saying about them…Not much to satisfy them here so it makes me smile knowing that i have a few readers whose heads should hang in shame knowing they have done me wrong,you never know when you may think you have seen yourself on here eh you cunts!

Anyroad as i am on a high i’m off to the pub for a couple of pints. Fly high folks!

Cheers all!

The ides of march..Mind ya backs!

March 15, 2007

I missed my stabbing by a few days but this day was a bit of a bastard for old Ceaser,mind you at least i dint get killed during my attack eh!,Four Dinners was asking earlier about my appeal but i have no news as yet as i am still waiting for the final decision from the folks at the factory,The whole thing just seems to drag it’s sorry bollocks as slow as it can,a bit like sitting in a doctors waiting room for 17 days. Gets ya down a bit but ya gotta keep smiling eh?

Anyroad during my business today i got another chance to bump into the lovely Mrs B for a kiss n a cuddle,brill how things like that happen i reckon,lifts the whole day something like that. As i can’t be arsed to cook owt today we are getting in some outside caterers so the worlds menu is at our fingers for tonights meal,and a couple of bottles of wine are chilling in the fridge as i type so it should be a nice quiet night in for us.

More admin work to do now so i’m off,have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there.

We lost….Again!

March 12, 2007

The Go-Lightly’s lost again at the bowling alley last night,Close games though and with the added bonus of the original G0-lightly team back together again,Good to catch up with Kwaig again so it was a good night all in and another re-match in the pipeline so the trophy can still come home.

Today i had to nip up to the job center and fuck me if i dint have all the stuff they needed,i knew that would happen!!!! Some right rough looking folks in there i can tell ya,not the sort of place ya wanna be! Seems to me that being unemployed makes you aggressive,rude and generally not a nice person,i wonder how long it takes before i get in that state??? It will be my first signing day tomorrow so i am well looking forward to mixing with those folks again…

The work is still going on in the market square but it looks just about done now,i can’t say i don’t like it as i haven’t spent much time there but it looks ok i reckon.I suppose it will grow on folks.

Anyroad i got a bit more paperwork to sort through so i’m off,Have a good one and stay safe.

Off ya trolly.

March 11, 2007

Yesterday turned into a very loving day though we only set out to do a bit of shopping,funny how things change from the mundane to the brill eh?

Off out bowling with the Go-lightlys and a few others tonight so i have limbered up ready for that,Plus the added bonus of the great Flanky will be there so a good one is on the cards. Still plenty of room on the trophy shelf so bring it on!!

Bad news is i got an appointment at the job center in the morning and according to the letter it will be an hour of questions and answers….Boring!!!! And i just know they are gunna ask for some paperwork that the legal bods at the union office have,another straw on the camels back!!

Anyroad as the lovely Mrs B is doing some work on the gardens i am just kicking back and chillin today,no point in wasting the bowling power eh?

i hope your weekend was as good as mine,Take care & stay safe .

Having a day off..

March 9, 2007

Well the appeal meeting came and went much like the investigation and disciplinary meetings did,same questions same answers now i have to wait for the company’s final decision..That could take 10 days so back to the jobcenter for me.

So today i am having a day off from all the shit and paper work and just doing fuck all,Young master B is also off today so me n him are gunna doss about all day!

I had a good chat with Flank last night and as he is turning out for the bowling on Sunday i shall catch up with some more of his tales from the jungle and if i’m lucky a quick burst of Albert & the lion..Does a good monologue does Flank!

A nice ruby for dinner tonight and a few wines to ease us into the weekend…Nice!

Anyroad i’m off to etch our door numbers into the new recycling bins the council have dropped off,sometimes the excitement gets me all in a spin.

Have a good one and stay safe.

No words.

March 5, 2007

Howling at the moon.

March 5, 2007

Did ya see that lunar eclipse they other day? We watched in stages and managed to catch it at a brownish red color at one point,not a real spectacle but worth seeing i reckon!

It has been a quiet weekend for us here at Barnze Towers and it was good to spend some time with the lovely Mrs B,She has been a rock over the last few days though i may have been a bit pissed off(You know how shit builds up) at times she has kept things going smoothly. A couple of job applications now on their way to employers now so hopefully something will come good there! Tell ya what this unemployment lark can get ya down!

A bit of a late one for me last night as i got sucked into “The hills have eyes” again,mind you up at 8 this morning as i have a few things to do today. And not a bad morning by what i can see out of the windows .

Anyroad i gotta shoot off and get stuck into stuff,i hope you all had a great weekend take care and stay safe.

Are we there yet?

March 2, 2007


A lovely sunny morning today,mind you it’s a bit crisp out side and i reckon we had a bit of frost during the night as our sage plant looked a bit droopy when i nipped out to fill the bird feeding station. Days like this make me want to get amongst nature for a while perhaps we are due a few days up in the peaks?

I reckon it’s just me n young master B at the table tonight as the lovely Mrs B might be visiting a sick friend (Tripped over the cat and torn some ligaments in her leg! I might have laughed a bit Clare,Sorry!) after work and that involves a meal and a bottle of wine at the least, So outside catering is in order a few beers and a blood spattered movie sounds good to me. A bit of male bonding seems to go ok with the removal of a limb with a welding torch.

Another job application form on the mat this morning and all the paper work from the job center so a bit of admin work to be done today,don’t ya just love it?

Anyroad before i get stuck into that it’s time for a bucket of tea and a hand full of fags…

Have a good Friday and an even better weekend folks and Stay Safe there’s another killer on the loose!

Onward and upward!

March 1, 2007


Another fine morning here in Hood Town and a few job applications on the door mat as i got up so i gotta get those filled in and posted back,and i got some good interview tips from Jinks today and very funny they are!

The Faggots went down a treat yesterday,and the wind has picked up as i thought it would! I reckon we will have a Full English today as it has been ages since we have had some fat intake,Mind you no black pudding!!!

Anyroad i’m off to fill in a few forms and grab a brew and a fist full of fags,Have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there!