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Odd coppers….

October 29, 2007

Hey beggar’s…Fuck off…

What the hell has gone on in this country eh? What with folks coming up to me asking for

money then getting all pissed off when i tell um to fuck off or die?

Then theres the cunts asking for a smoke….Get a fucking job!

Apart from those twats things have been ok this week,I am feeling better though i am

still tired and the working week is going ok so far but i ain’t saying the Q word just yet!

Let me know when the new civil war starts will ya?

Anyroad time i read another load of bollocks about that McCann family… Oh and wait for the next flying pig to cross the skies..

Have a good one and mind ya backs !

Oh we never made it to the cinema on Friday as we were both too tired,so we grabbed

a meal and went for a beer instead,Spotted an old cancerous ghost from the past unall!

Barnze says ” I really dint notice it was you passing by the pub the other night!

If i had i would have shouted die you miserable vindictive cunt!”

100% total twat!

August 7, 2007

Pete Doherty.

Nuff said.

Smell the noodles.

February 10, 2007


Well last night was a good one i must say,it was snowing like billy o as we left Barnze Towers but by the time we got to town it had turned to sleet,The Big Wok is a lot like a works canteen when it comes to seating but the food was top class,The shusi was excellent and the hot n sour soup brill, between us we tasted about thirty different items and the only one i did not like were the tempura prawns cooked in their shells (I dont do prawn shells) but on the whole a good meal for a tenner a piece,we will be back  but not regular!

It’s good to see a bit of life in what was the old Co-Op building   on the edge of town as that end is getting a lot of eateries opening up and could well become a good place to be.Gun men and junkies permitting that is!

Anyroad we are off up the shops for tonights meal,Have a good weekend dear reader and Stay Safe.

You bad lad!

February 2, 2007

Classic laugh yesterday as young Master B gets fined for dropping a fag end in the new (Old) Market Square that will teach him eh, 50 quid for a fag end..shame on him,hahahahahahahahahahaha, Ya can’t fault the council for nicking him but i do think they should grab all litter droppers and not just smokers,Anyroad a Barnzeum Award to the city council for making me laugh and giving me a few days fun playing with master B.

A word of warning to those of you not aware of the fag police there! The answer is lob ya fag end into a passing junkies pocket! More junkies than litter bins about nowadays.

Right i’m off to knock the plaster dust off my clothes,have a good weekend.

Cabbage patch junkies..

January 31, 2007

The news today made me smile as police are being ordered to adopt junkies ! A nice warm n fluffy glow came over me as i expect that soon the fag police will adopt us smokers,what with the hug a hoodie shite we were hearing last summer ya just gotta wonder who the fuck thinks this kind of crap up..Gotta be the daft ideas dept working overtime again eh! It works for the Dutch so they say (Whoever they are?) but then again anything goes in Dutchland.

Also in the news a cock on story of some school kids prank to draw a big knob on the school lawn with weed killer then view it on Virtual earth..Nice one lads,I do love a bit of puerile every now n then!

And what about casinos eh? All that fuss about the super casinos being built for folks to lob their money in,Not a penny of mine will end up in “Geezers Palace” i can tell ya,Mind you if ya can smoke in um i might nip in for a walk around. Build um i say,it creates a bit of work and just think how all of us could adopt a gambler…

Anyroad i’m off to draw a cock in the butter,

Have a good one.

Ain’t that a kick in the head.

January 26, 2007

How easy is it to die?

The fag police are set to hound us smokers down,whats all that about then? For fucks sake we keep the NHS afloat don’t we? Never mind gun men and junkies poncing about on our streets pick on the fag smokers..Ya bunch of twats… Ya wanna be fucking cars off the streets,And them fucking mobility scooters,Fuck them off unall fucking things don’t belong in shops n that,In the fucking way of folks trying to do a bit of shopping they are!

It’s the smoking guns ya wanna get off the streets for fucks sake!

I’m off for a fag to chill a bit.

Two shootings,Not linked & just a BLIP!

January 24, 2007

Well another busy weekend here in Hood Town,Two shootings, A beating, A court case for wounding and a junkie nicks a bike just a Blip on the system according to Home office minister & Gedling MP Vernon Coaker,Nice one Vern you just lost a load of voters i reckon,Wakey fucking wakey you numpty,It aint a blip! Were getting our arses kicked here!

With the shootings we are told it’s ok they aint linked,Right..Like i said a few mothes back,Not linked means there’s two nutters out there shooting folks!!!! No worries there then.

Everyone i speak to says the same thing,Hood Town has a serious problem and extra street wardens to deal with it! Most folks only go out in groups (And even then some cunt will drug ya drink) to stay safer and still have stories of shit that happens on the streets. I’m glad i’m old..not many cases of someone spiking a pint of mild eh?

Anyroad Young Master B is better now,confused as to why it happened to him & a bit more wary of folks but on the mend! What a fucking week,we were hoping for a quiet boring winter.

Stay safe out there.

We make um good here.

January 11, 2007

Bad news for a 103 year old chap as he gets nicked for possesion of drugs in the city centre of Hood Town this week!

 Makes ya wonder if he is a long term user eh?

High times..Low lifes..

December 17, 2006


A top night out on Friday and a good turn out, a nice lie in on Saturday morning to clear our heads and a good day in town to finish the crimbo shopping.

Today me n Mrs B are off for a couple of frames at the bowling alley,and we might even grab a bite to eat whilst we are in town. Ain’t love grand?

A big drugs bust just up the road from us this week as the police recover nearly seven million quids worth of the shite from Ruddington a couple of miles east of us! A nice nick there lads,makes me wonder if there are any arrests to go with it?

Anyroad i’m off to limber up my bowling arm,Hope ya weekend was crime free.Take care & Stay Safe.

Hand wash your pussy.

December 1, 2006


Today is the start of Anger Awareness Week are you aware how pissed off you realy are? I am!

It’s Tree Dressing Day unall today,Lucky for me i have a carrier bag, a crisp packet and a half eaten kebab in one of the trees in our garden,Nice of the neighbours to help dress the trees eh? Saves me the time and effort..Cheers you cunts!

And finaly it’s World Aids Day  you can help by stopping shagging all that rough trade while your on holiday in a third world country,you know what i am saying eh? Visit Thailand and take a look at the countryside,Enjoy the food just leave out the dirty prozzy filled bars and keep ya knob in ya pants..

Do you reckon these campaigns make a difference? I reckon they will only be noticed by the more responsible folks,The youth of today don’t give a fuck about anything bar themselves!

Mind you when i was a youth (Not that long ago.) i never gave a fuck either!

Have a good one, wear a condom,look after your tree & don’t get mad,Get even.

Oh and Stay Safe it’s full of nut jobs out there.